“Man hears God” hallucinating on drugs, but its Jupiter in Pisces

I love love love it when astrology so obviously manifests in the news. This from today in the New York Post, the headline says.

Man ‘hears God’ while hallucinating on antibiotics in ‘rare phenomenon’

By  Hannah Sparks February 4, 2022 3:31pm Updated.

“A case of pneumonia led one man to “hear God” after tripping on antibiotics in a rare case of antibiomania, a state of psychosis from taking the common remedy.” The man is 50 which is also the time when everyone experiences what is known as their Chiron Return a time of vulnerability, and Wounding which also heals. Chiron is in Aries right now which governs the head,

What Science sees as a rare antibiotic-induced mania. A Man hearing God speaking to him is not antibiotics, from an astrology lens, It’s because is the great benefic planet JUPITER, King of the Gods/Yahweh or any God which rules Pisces, the sign of dreams, spirituality, visions, mental illness and psychic phenomena, blessing this man with visions. Where would Joan of Arc be if she hadn’t listened ot her visions? Or Francis of Assisi if he hadn’t been able to commune with animals telepathically? Or Moses, or Muhammed, the Buddha, the Pope or any spiritual guru or visionary, I am in no way demeaning or insulting Muhammed or Buddhism etc. Just explaining.

Any religious or spiritual visions are attributed to the sign of Pisces and Jupiter’s traditional rulership of the sign is spiritual teachers or direct experience of God, angels, aliens, visitation, visions etc. All creative energy and inspiration is actually considered to be channelled through Pisces, all creative musicians, artists, filmmakers, cooks, inventors-Einstein himself, channelled their visions through Pisces lens. Medical doctors call it a rare case of antibiomania, because science and doctors in general have no soul, poetry, or imagination and is the antithesis of spirituality.

Pisces also rules drugs, delusions, illusions, institutions, and mental illness. Also the man is 50 years old which means he is experiencing a Return of Chiron the wounded healer, ‘As above, so below.” Once you hear from God directly, I dont think you ever forget that. I wonder if the man affected was also a Pisces, a Sagittarius or mutable sign, Gemini or Virgo.

Have you ever had a spiritual visitation from Angels, or God, aliens or other paranormal phenomena? I have had a few. The anniversary of one of the major ones i had is coming up again.

On February 22, 1979 in ISLA MUJERES MEXICO at around 10:30 pm EST is where it happened. Read about it here https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/feb-22-2012-my-spiritual-epiphany-a-hopi-blue-kachina/

This time of course Feb 22, 2022 is a run of magic 2’s. Which ends a 20 year sequence of such numbers appearing. 22 is a Master number, 22 is the Number of letters in the Hebrew Alphabet and the Major Arcana in the Tarot, and the Number of Revelations. 222 is what’s referred to as an angel number and there were many orders of Angel numbers in Gematria which translates numbers and letters into meaning symbols, in the Hebrew tradition.

222 is interpreted very differently in Judaism and in Christian traditions.

The #2 means is a blessing of increase, addition, multiplicity, abundance. 222 is thrice the blessing, increase additional and abundance. 222 is Master Numer 22+2 which is The Fool in The Tarot as 22 + The High Priestess Together. Both emanate from the top triad of the Tree of Life.

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