Jupiter, the Nodes of fate and 2022

The Garden of Eden and The Fall of Man by Peter Paul Rubens,
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Jupiter is at that last 29th most critical Anaretic degree of AQUARIUS December 25 to 28th/29 amping up that extremely Aquarian, technical, detached vibe. Jupiter is squaring the Nodes of Fate which in some reckonings has already moved into Taurus North Node/ Scorpio South Node for the next 18 months.This indicates a fated shift in the direction we are collectively moving towards and what we are drawing on from the past and also releasing. It’s very important.

The South Node in Scorpio is the collective unconsciousness, a deep emotional year and a half ahead of emotionally charged deep undertow of shadow work, investing oneself in transpersonal psychology, much financial change, death, rebirth and transformation, goth and punk may make a comeback.

This aspect asks us to take stock of where we’ve come from with the South Node in Scorpio on the deepest most unconscious soul levels. The status quo and mass culture all needing to all get mandatory soul retrievals because we’ve been manipulated by the powers that be and we have our collective heads so far up the ass Aquarius/Urananus ruler of modern technology-at those last Jupiter expansive truth telling degrees- which says we sold our souls out on easier faster, transhumanist, social media, Big Pharma, science, God,21st Century, more convenient, lie about progress-most people don’t realize that they are largely automatons and robots of the devices and mainstream news propaganda.

This is critical because the NORTH NODE where we need to evolve to is at 29 TAURUS the last and most stubborn, fixed, tangible assets, real estate, luxury, gold, fiat money, foodstuff, art, crafty, body-oriented, very human, lazy scared to break out of the bullpen, sign of Taurus-the bull market and bull shit. We need to hold on to the tactile resources lie the earth mother of us all which she is. To underline this point CERES the GREAT MOTHER and nurturer, she who makes all of nature live is conjunct to the North Node. Taurus is very much a gut-wisdom, real feel, shivers down your spine energy which you need to trust absolutely

The FATED QUESTION Is do we totally swallow the hi-tech, robotic, android, fearlessly woke, liberal, cryptocurrency, transhuman hyped up on science worldview-lets go to Mars with Elon Musk or do we -as Joni Mitchell famously wrote in 1969-Get Ourselves Back to the Taurus Garden?

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