Thanksgiving Astrology Talk Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving America to my family, friends and colleagues. Thought I’d give some tidbits while turkeys are being stuffed or vegans are prepping other delicacies.


The dramatic likes to party and “all eyes on me” Drama Kings and Queens of the Zodiac Leo Moon activates the still going on Mars Saturn Fixed square. As if it isn’t tense enough for a lot of people having to go home and replicate early childhood traumas and PTSD’s isn’t intensely dramatic enough on its own. Mars/Saturn is really hair triggering energy. You will feel jittery, like walking on eggshells, there can be shakeups, and reverberating aftershocks, that may still be lingering from the Lunar eclipse conjunct Algol and the Pleiades November 19 because eclipse effects last 6 months.

Keep this in mind as you head to Thanksgiving celebrations.

Sagittarius season is holiday season in U.S.with Thanksgiving. It happens to be Thursday which is Thorsday in Nordic Mythology/ JU)PITER’s Day. drink gin for Jupiter as one of his herbs/trees is Juniper. Here’s to you have a Gin Martini.

Thanksgiving is in October in Libra season. Christmas is always Capricorn season.

Leo Moon squares URANUS which makes for unexpected travel issues.

Moon Inconjuncts Venus for a differential in heart and ego issues.

Moon squares Mars in Scorpio at 10:19 pm EST and arguments can break out over who is more in control. Work this energy off with a competitive game of Clue or video game rather than fisticuffs.

Moon inconjuncts Neptune in Pisces 5 minutes to midnight in PST/ Nov. 16 in EST. Pay attention to your dreams.


Venus ruler of money turns Retrograde December 19 conjunct Pluto the destroyer of wealth, structures, make sure your money is safe this is a day when there could be major bank defaults and Cryptocurrency falls.

Then Jupiter enters Pisces Dec. 28 and conjuncts Bitcoin Venus at 0 Pisces and previously brought Bitcoin down 2x’s in 2021 within 3 days +/-

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 21-2022

December 19 conjunct Pluto at 26+ degrees until Venus turns Stationary Direct Jan. 29, 2022, at 11′ 05″. It takes until March1/2 for Venus to pass her Retro degrees and move ahead. Venus entered pre-Retro shadow on Nov. 18. Venus is OOB until Dec. 7.

I will do a video and horoscopes for this major Retrograde.

have a happy safe Thanksgiving. There is much to be grateful for. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene, get a reading with me

Sage wisdom and Truth time, Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius aims those truth optimistic truth arrows towards the Galactic Center. This is the time for honesty, truther talk all the way as communicator and Trickster God of merchants and thieves who communicate and message a lot enters the 9th sign gifting us all with horse sense.

The Denial State by Napoleon Brousseau, 2000

Oil and acrylic on canvas 50 W x 72 H x 2 D “

No Pinocchio stuff allowed Scorpios and Gemini. LOL

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS keywords: Forthright, honest, naive, inspiring, optimistic, adventurous, good-humoured, preachers, animal rights, political activists, Judges, publishing, mystics, philosophers, teachers, spiritual, sage are all keywords.

It’s a good time to plan travels, learn and pursue higher education of all kinds. Sagittarius are often self-taught not necessarily University,

Mercury in Sagittarius’s influence makes a bit scatterbrained.

Mercury in Sagittarius is related specifically to the 8 of Wands in the Tarot, Major Arcana card #14 Temperance and the King of Wands as ruler of Sagittarius in general 

You will be thinking about everything all at once and want to learn more and share knowledge. Mercury in Sagittarius sets your brain on fire and is open-minded.

A good time for doing yoga, studying religion and spirituality; Foreign languages, writing, publishing, finding a guru or teacher and connecting with like-minded thinkers. This energy will help you to search for higher meaning and truth. You will not be able to lie with Mercury in Sagittarius.

Be careful because of this energy as it makes us all a bit naive. Legal matters, sports and religion are all Sagittarius topics. Voicing your opinions on political and animal rights and education will be important. Be careful not to be preachy and hypocritical. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to be “in the know” about everything. 


Sun conjuncts MERCURY on November 28/29 a Cazimi another day to create positive outcomes for truth and justice optimism and freedom. Yay, my birthday is November 29 and my solar return is on the 28th. 2022 is going to be all about me finishing 3 books, publishing and teaching more especially a new dream healing temple online community-stay tuned. I am very excited for Jupiter’s sojourn through Pisces.

Famous celebs with Mercury in SAGITTARIUS


SCARLETT JOHANSSON-Nov. 22 1984 Sagittarius SUN Ascendant MERCURY and Uranus-actress

BRITNEY SPEARS -Sagittarius Dec 2, 1981, Sag. Sun and Mercury-singer

Christina Aguilera- Dec 18 1980 – Sag.  Sun too- singer

Nicki Minaj – December 8, 1982, Sagittarius SUN and Mercury- rapper

BJORK- November 21, 1965, Norweigan singer

Amanda Seyfried- December 3, 1985- Actress

Tina Turner- November 26, 1939, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

Edith Piaf -December 19, 1915 French songstress

Maria  Callas- December 3, 1923, Sagittarius Sun famous American Opera

Marie Curie -November 7, 1867, French scientist invented radioactive materials

Rachel McAdams- November 17, 1978, Actress Canadian

Rita Ora – November 26, 1990- British singer and actress

Nelly Furtado- December 2, 1978-singer Canadian


Jay-Z, Beyonce’s better half, December 4, 1969

Emmanuel Macron- December 21, 1977- current French Prime Minister

Jude Law, December 29, 1972, Sagittarius Ascendant too. British actor

Jimi Hendrix, November 27, 1942, Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius

Jared Leto December 26, 1971 

Jake Gyllenhaal, Dec 19,  1980 

Woody Allen, December 1, 1935

Beethoven, December 16, 1770- Sun Moon and Mercury in Sag. 

Frank Sinatra, December 12, 1915. 

Stephen Spielberg, December 18, 1946. 

Louis Tomlinson, December 24, 1991, former One Direction member

Ricky Martin, December 24, 1971, Sai Baba, November 23

Isaac Newton, Jan 4, 1643, English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and alchemist.

Gordon Ramsay- November 8 1966-British Gourmet foul-mouthed chef

Albert Camus- November 7, 1913, French philosopher and author

Sai Baba, November 23 1926-Indian spiritual guru

Keep this as a handy-dandy guide. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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