Tough love healing and Sun Jupiter square

November 15, Monday is the Moon’s day and the MOON is in self-starting ARIES all fired up to cauterize any wounds during the VENUS IN CAPRICORN CHIRON SQUARE and to initiate new beginnings. A mood of impatience and rashness is in the ethers until Tuesday afternoon.


Venus In Capricorn square CHIRON is attending to wounded hearts and also erecting strong boundaries as in tough love but Sun square Jupiter is deeper insights and awareness.

Use the Venus Chiron square energy to work on yourself as you heal your own wounds and your family lineage especially your father, this is SATURN ruled Capricorn territory and the Patriarchy which has consistently dominated, colonized and abused women for thousands of years.

Chiron, the wise, wild and wounded Centaur/shaman is a comet/asteroid/ now designated a minor planet. 2060 Chiron, provisional designation 1977 UB, and also known as 95P/Chiron, is a small solar system body or minor planet in the outer Solar System, past Saturn, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron named after an Ancient Greek Myth is a centaur. He was half immortal and half human and raised to be a healer. He achieved great renown tending to famous Greek heroes bit was himself wounded by a poison arrow which he couldn’t heal. Being half immortal he didn’t want to be in pain forever, so he asked Zeus to let him die. In exchange, Zeus made him in the Constellation Sagittarius.  The minor planet has an average of a 50-year orbit. Wherever Chiron is he symbolizes our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and humanness and also where the greatest healing is. 

Chiron in ARIES will help us to heal our old wounds and addictions, so be willing to lay down your arms WARRIORS OF TOXIC MASCULINITY. This is an opportune time to open up. It’s killing you to be so tough too. Gangsta. Early Sagittarius you are highlighted here too. 

Chiron the Wounded Healer has a 50-51 year orbit. At 25/26 is your Chiron opposition, a vulnerable year long time in your life. Pay attention as Chiron turns Retro in Aries now. You would have Chiron in early Libra and relationship hurts and wounds are where the healing is.

If you have planets in early CARDINAL signs, Aries Cancer Libra and Capricorn you will be feeling the Chirotic return more abundantly. 

In addition, MOON is in ARIES all fired up to cauterize any wounds and to initiate new beginnings. A mood of impatience and rashness is in the ethers until Tuesday afternoon.

This aspect last occurred June 13th but Venus was in CANCER a very different energy see previous article 9:25 AM · Jun 13, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

SUN Squares JUPITER a light in the dark energy

SCORPIO is always dark and intense and Jupiter is positive. We can see hidden agendas more clearly.

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