Lilith conjunct US Descendant

Sorry, I am feeling under the weather.

Lilith at 12 degrees GEMINI is sitting on the US Descendant now. The US Rising is 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS in the most commonly uses SIBLEY chart.

Having Lilith on the DC is a huge symbol. The split off and demonized feminine face of God, one half of it. comprising the first woman’s sexual and orgasmic power, menstrual power and death-bringing aspect is a shadow that is being seen writ large in the outer world in a very distorted way. If you have planets at 8-15 degrees GEMINI or SAGITTARIUS or squared by those degrees in VIRGO and PISCES you can commune with LILITH. Her familiar is an owl as all-wise shamanic Goddess have.

Lilith has much to teach.

I’ll write more soon.
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