Horoscopes for September 27-October 3

Week of September 27-October 3




SATURN TURNS S. DIRECT OCT 10 then JUPITER and MERCURY both go Stationary DIRECT October 18.

Don’t try to push forwards when the planets are in Retrograde motion.

A bunch of big planetary aspects this week

29th VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE super romantic dreamy spiritual and foggy

29th SUN trine SATURN in Aquarius breathe some fresh air open your mind

Sept 30 VENUS IN SCORPIO square JUPITER in AQUARIUS-love and freedom tension

Oct 1 MARS opposite CHIRON and MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO Wounding words, mind games,

Oct. 2 VENUS sextile PLUTO- easy support, sexy financial gain

Oct 3 SUN OPPOSES CHIRON in ARIES -battle lines, defensive, find balance

MERCURY TRINE JUPITER IN AQUARIUS -open minded agreements, opportunity for gain in relationships and crypto markets



Relationships and values review time as Mercury Retrograde in your 7th House of all “others.”. Sept. 29 is a sexy dream day as Venus trine Neptune in your natural 8th and 12th houses. You can see your future dream lover if you ask in advance. Sept. 30 is a wish hopes and dream day for you. October 1 you feel wounded in the battle of love. On the 3rd a ray of light helps cauterize the wounds. Staying open minded builds bridges.


You are undergoing a deep sexual and emotional transformation. Old values and lovers can return while Mercury is Retrograde Sept. 26/27- October 18. The 29th is a beautiful romantic ideal day. The 30th brings the need to detach from ruthless sex and power games. October 1 watch your diet. Oct. 2 brings opportunities for love and financial wealth. Oct. 3 is a day of love or war choices. Open mindedness is key.


Mercury Retrograde affects you more than every sign besides VIRGO. Perfect time to review Sept. 26/27-Pctober 18. Relationships re-evaluated. They may be hanging in the balance.  A tense time. Oct 29 is romantic, you are projecting ideals, rainbows, and a bright future. But there must be a reality check. The 30th is good day for networking and dating. October 1 defending what you believe in may have you feeling hurt. Oct 2 can be good for deep therapeutic talks. Oct 3 treat your wounds and curl up to heal.


Mercury Retrograde is in your solar 4th house which is the natural Cancer placement too. Old family stories, arguments, debates and talking it over will be the focus. You may not be able to stop thinking about the “he said she said, they said,  what I should have said.”. The 29th is a great day to be creative with the kids and yourself. The Mood lightens. The 30th is a good day to trust your gut instinct and take chances. The 1st is day to declare boundaries, the 3rd is day for being the go-between to stop the feuding.


Mercury Retrograde in your Solar 3rd House of communications. The 29/30 is great day to shine at work, to impress a boss or look for a new job. The 30th is romantic and sexy AF. There’s always something new under the sun. Oct 1 is a day of interjecting to stop a fire before it gets started. Oct 2 is a dream planning day of how you want to indulge in your fame and fortune. Oct 3 is a day of relationship juggling.


Mercury rules your sign and the retrograde Sept. 26/27- October 18 is very important for you to reflect and work with. Go with the planets for the best results.  The 29 is a day to dream of budget and financial abundance. The 30th is a good day for dating apps and freeing yourself from sexual hang ups. October 1 balancing repressed anger. There can be arguments about who is in control. The 3rd is a battlefield, but you can come up with intelligent solutions.


Mercury Retrograde in your sign and in your 1st house of self-identity affects you the most. Relationships are hanging in the balance. Venus your ruling planet in Scorpio is revealing your dark side and you can see others too. On the 29th don’t try to escape uncomfortable situations. A ray of opportunity is there too. On the 29th seeing things from a higher perspective improves tensions. October 1st is a love or war battle. You need to review old frenemies and invent new modes to relate. October 3 vulnerability show through and allows healings to begin.


Mercury retrograde with Venus in your sign and Mars in Libra can feel like sexual confusion and perplexing. Venus in Scorpio intensifies your libido. The 29th is a dreamy day let your imagination soar. The 30th may be very pleasurable and good for dating apps. The 1st internal and external battles and frustrating, banging heads with power players. The 3rd continues the battles. Defend what your soul says is right. Inspirations for new ways of relating are a gift.


Mercury Retrograde in your solar 11th House of wishes hopes and dreams review them all. The 29th is a good day to see your dreams fulfilled. Visualize it all and everyone giving you what you want. The 30th can be lucky in love and expanding a field of support. The 1st-3rd is tense with arguments internally and externally. A sweet break on the 2nd for seeing a deeper purpose. The 3rd requires you to stand up for your beliefs.


Mercury retrograde in your 10th house of career is important. Review, finish and reflect on how far you’ve come. Is this your peak experience? The 29th can bring secret financial angels. The 30th asks you to share your knowledge. The 1st- 3rd is a weekend fraught with battles, opposition, polarities, you have the gift of diplomacy to step in. The 2nd is sweet day to relax and get a massage and indulge your senses. The 3rd is a day back in the battlefields you can negotiate a positive outcome.


Mercury retrograde in your solar 9th house of higher education, philosophy truth, honesty, inspiration and optimism. The 29th is idealistic imagine the world you’d like to see. The 30th can bring a sexy connection. The 1st-3rd is a weekend of diplomacy and using your skills as an organizer and manager to try to smooth things over. The 2nd is an easier way of handling those in power. Can be a good investment day. The 3rd keeps on the battle lines, but fair decisions can be reached to keep the peace.


Mercury Retrograde in your solar 8th House of transformation, death and rebirth, finances and inheritance can bring unexpected wealth. Reflect on what is life and death? The 29th is one of your best days in the year, dream on stay high and inspire others. The 30th brings deep intuitive insights into group efforts. The weekend is a difficult ornery place stay out of the fray and just send good vibes which are stronger on the 2nd. Don’t hide your light because others are on the attack. Meditate and take the high road.

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