Lilith conjunct North Node

Lilith at 5 degrees Gemini conjunct North Node today. Lilith is the worlds’ GPS. Lilith’s energy is in the air and we can sense her vibes.

Lilith the first woman’s philosophy was treat me as the equals that we are or else I walk. Lilith was fiery and very straightforward. She would never be intimidated by anyone, even God. Truth is in bring uncompromising.

Grand Air Trine

Lilith and North Node trine Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra. A nice supportive mental detached energy to radically alter ideas, minds and revolutionize relationships. Freedom is key.

Meditate with Lilith and Tune into what Lilith is asking of you.

The sabian symbol for 6° Gemini is “Workmen drilling for oil.”

The desire to dig deep below the surface, to extract fuel, to resist friction or to move ahead. This is my Analysis.

Look at where 6° Gemini is on your natal chart and find out where and how Lilith is affecting you by house placement and aspects to other areas or planets.This is where you need to think clearly, straightforwardly and without fear. Lilith is never afraid to be alone.

Lilith and North Node are exactly opposite my Sagittarius Sun and square my North Node in Virgo. No wonder I’m feeling so feisty and telling it like it is.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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