Rebalance your relationships


Venus in LIBRA wants everyone to think they are nice. Lately they are getting a bad rap for this rep. This is a time of trying to balance out vulnerabilties in relationships and not being defensive about the pain. Held back memories and feelings can damage your health.
Don’t try to be so brave, Aries.

Chiron is an asteroid, a comet and a centaur designation in Astronomy. This aspects may make ARIES and firey types put their defensive shields up from the get go.

Remember that everyone is being forced into polarities, us and them, vaxxed and unvaxed, black and white, but polarities are our complimentary opposite side.

It takes Venusian charm, listenability, and desire to help balance things out to bring the much needed healing energies. Taurus benefits as Libra rules the sensually stubborn sign.

Libra, and Air signs Gemini and Aquarius, Benefits from Venus’s irresistible girdle of seduction now which mustn’t be used as a sexual weapon.

Listening is a great tool. A necessary one in any type of relationship. What do you have at 12° Cancer or Capricorn? These degrees are affected too plus and minus 4°.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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