Grand air

Venus in Libra ♎️ at 9° trine Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ Rx at 8° trine the North node Ceres in exact conjunct at 6 degrees GEMINI ♊️ plus Lilith at 4°.

Time for Serious relationship discussions, mediation, counselling, boundaries and limits.

Ceres in Gemini conjunct North Node is our highest aspiration. Ceres is the Great Mother and is depicted in the constellation Virgo. Mercury in Virgo right now governs Gemini too. Ceres here points to nurturing, comfort and mental safety. “Feed your head” the 60’s White Rabbit song by Jefferson Airplane immediately comes to mind.

We need to nurture our minds and learn how our self talk and consciousness can nurture us rather than split your minds in two.

This points to needing to watch our internal and external communications.

New neural pathways, structured through Saturn in Aquarius, by repeating positive affirmations and mantras help create a new foundation for having balance in love and in how we communicate with all others in the world.

NLP and other neural pathway methods which nurture our minds would be great to learn now.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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