Ceres and Lilith in Gemini

Lilith enters Gemini July 18 2021 until April 14, 2022 where we learn to question assumptions about history, truth and justice.

Ceres in Gemini July 31-turns Rretrograde Oct. 8 @ 12 ° 8’, December 21, 21 re-enters Taurus

January 14 2022 Ceres turns stationary Direct at 27 Taurus conjunct Algol.

Feb. 9 Ceres re-enters Gemini and leaves May 15, 2022.

Right now Lilith and Ceres are only 1 degree apart in Gemini. The energy of these 2 sides of the same coin primal archetypes can be fully understood and examined now. Lilith is the original woman,the Death bringing Goddess, Ceres is the ancient Great Mother, archetypal birther of all life on earth. Ceres and Lilith in Gemini engender endless questions about sex, love, mothers and whores.

This is a feminine dichotomy. These feminine archetypes are complimentary opposites but made into a split sexuality in man’s projection of women as mothers or whores. They are squaring angry perfectionist Mars in Virgo at 2 degrees and embolden by Jupiter at 29 Aquarius opposing the South Node past life memories in Sagittarius with Juno the goddess of marriage and the feminine form of genius. Giving us a multiplicity of ways to question women’s sexuality independence and roles.

This is a hot mess as duality born Gemini creates Endless questions about the nature of equality, sexuality, relationships,nurturing, family, friends, dating, flirting, independence and power struggles.

The present critical cross with perfectionist Mars in Virgo which is Ceres natural sign and erratic Jupiter in Aquarius, with the karmic south node in Sagittarius accesses by the multi dimensional wisdom of Juno is a big deal.

There’s something called psychodrama. It is a type of therapy where you act out all the parts of yourself , your inner conflicting dialogues such as this astrological one I just laid out for you.

I’ll leave you to put all the pieces of that puzzle together for yourself and especially for mutable and for fixed signs through astro drama. Let me know how it goes.

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