May 21 daily astrology tarot guide

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Join me for this auspicious Total Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse energy which magnifies all mantras and prayers and intentions of loving kindness made during an Eclipse 700,000 times according to Tibetan Buddhists. I’m up for that so please join me May 25 live on zoom at 7:30 Pm EDT to tap into the auspicious energies in virtual ceremony and ritual. A guided meditation, astrology explained simply and a channeled message. Join now a PDF will be sent explaining the meaning and how to prepare for the ritual.,No previous astrology knowledge necessary. I’m so excited about this. If you are born In the first 3-7 days of Sagittarius you are impacted the most! Any planets moon rising or others at these degrees are also directly affected. The eclipse is right in my sun so I am totally thrilled. I’ve been initiated into Tibetan Buddhists teachings and can share these mantras with the Red Dakini with you. Hoping to see you there. Fee is suggested $28 and there’s a sliding scale. Workshop will be recorded if you can’t attend live. You will be able continue on and do the ritual yourself on the 26th. If you feel drawn to come and are in financial need just email me and I will help because this is such a important auspicious event and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. Many blessings,

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  1. Hi there and thanks as always for the information. I am sorry I need to ask but you say you are able to share the mantras and teachings if the Red Dakini with us..:do you have permission from your Lama to do that? I am trying to learn how these things work but also As a practitioner myself I have been encouraged to be mindful of these kinds of things as they can impact samaya and you will know how important that is. If you have time to reply that would be great…if not then that is fine too. Thanks either way.

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    • hi My root guru passes away in 2003 but I check in with him regularly on the spiritual plane. I was given many empowerments. I will only use the basic Om Mani Padme Hum as it is applicable to everyone. The Red Dakini is my Yidam and I was given Wong Kor initiations for her. There are secret mantras that are never given out publically. thanks for asking. Please join the workshop


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