It’s Gemini season, times four

May 20 Sun enters the double header sign of Gemini today at 3:27 Pm EDT.

Mercury is in Gemini,Venus is in Gemini and the North Node is in Gemini. It’s a quadruple Gemini season. that’s 4 x 2 = 8!

Here’s the Sun’s schedule and major planet action during Gemini ♊️ season.

May 21 Sun squares Jupiter

Amps up all Gemini spiritual psychic Telepathic comminications. Just call me on the telepaphone.

May 22 Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces

A psychic enhancing and dreamboat energy. You’ll be very high naturally.

May 27 is A romantic spiritual day when maybe we can can maybe crack the Gemini enigma and figure out what makes Gemini’s tick As Venus squares Neptune in Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces. They get each other intuitively. With words unspoken

May 29 the power of words of love. Mercury conjunct Venus at 24 + degrees Gemini ♊️ at 1:13 a.m. EDT as mercury turns retro at this degree

This is a powerful combo as Mercury is Stationary turning Retrograde later at 6:34 pm EDT. This would be a powerful time to be very mindful of the power of your speech thoughts and emotions on others.

May 30 Venus quincunx Pluto

Power struggles in the works markets and between warrior factions Israel Palestine. China and US heats up. Can he Plutocratic control of finances, real estate, stock market crypto.

June 2 the Sun sextiles Chiron the wounded healer and Oprah and Prince Harry talk about mental health our sounds and the strength it takes to be vulnerable.

Sun trine Saturn

Airy responsibilities seem easy to say yes too and much harder to follow through on.

June 10 Solar Eclipse New Moob at 19° Gemini and sun conjunct Retrograde Mercury

This feels like an eat your words scenario. Lots of confusion at this eclipse.

June 13/14 sun square Neptune

What’s real and what have? Your dreams may be haunting you so pay attention to what’s going on i the shadow zones of your illusions delusions projections and mental health.

June 16/17 Sun quincunx Pluto

Power struggles challenges plays out on the worlds stage.

As always Gemini season is full if twists, turns and changes.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. Contact me through my websites h

ttp://www. Taratarot.con

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