Robin Hood, an Aquarian Hero

An Article in a British Paper caught my eye. A tattoo artist found a silver arrow in Sherwood Forest famed home of Robin Hood which he felt was fated for him to find. The British Hero who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor who I loved as a child. I watched a TV Show weekly and there were old movies and of course I saw Robin Hood Men In Tights when my son was a kid.

Now Robin Hood is infamous as a cryptocurrency buying APP implying that cryptos are stealing from the rich, which regularly goes defunct when too many people buy or sell,

Because I am always thinking astrology a little research on the liklohood of when a real Robin Hood was born turned up with a date in 1160. Pre-Gregorian Calendar.

I trust the synchronicity. Robin Hood would be an Aquarian or Pisces type.

Robin Hood Astrology Chart by Tara Greene
Robin Hood Astrology Chart by Tara Greene

Here’s the chart. It’s like a Horary chart, cast for the moment a question is asked. I think this would suit Robin Hood.

With a 29 Aquarius SUN where transiting Jupiter is when the story about the finding of Robin Hood’s silver arrow came to my attention.

An Aries Moon and Venus Robin was devoted to the Courtly Love and protection of the Goddess and Maid Marion.

Ceres Conjunct the South Node in PIsces a charitable compassionate man devoted to Women and Mothers.

Mercury Uranus in Aquarius a natural rebellious thinker.

Saturn in Scorpio at mid degree is a stealthy person, who is getting revenge, Scorpio against the Powers Scorio of inheritance and wealth. All Scorpio themes.

Mars Retrograde in Virgo a humble man of the woods.

Jupiter at 29 Degrees GEMINI is a hard to catch trickster, playing dual roles, a Peter Pan type with his band of merry boys. A leader and good humored person.

Neptune in Sagittarius the sign of the Archer, Square the South Node in PISCES using his skills for charity, it is a a karmic necessity.

Pluto in GEMINI square Mars in Virgo

A humble man to serve the people and talk his way into and out of anything,

Interesting to speculate. What do you think?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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