Pluto is a Planet. I heart it.

NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research Institute, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Dr. Alex Parker

Most modern Western Astrologers, myself included have never bought into the View of the 23 odd Astronomers who downgraded Pluto to dwarf Planet Status. “HONEY I SHRUNK A PLANET.” “Transpersonal” or not Pluto is a huge Archetype in our psyches from the Greek Myths and archetypes never die. They may be forgotten in our unconscious but live in our dreams and nightmares and in our real everyday lives.

LORD OF DEATH and rebirth, soul wealth, the shadows, recycling, transformation, power, our psyches, the place of psychology, control, secrets, sex, inheritance, all of the Biggies as I refer to them. I’ve used Pluto in every astrology reading I’ve done and he is the biggest most powerfully transformative planet in transits that anyone will ever get.I’ve had Pluto transit many of my personal planets by Conjuncts and Squares.

I even channelled Pluto. The Lord of Death will always have the last laugh.

A NASA scientist is explaining that PLUTO is a planet and that it should be regarded as that and given his medals back. I whole heartedly support Pluto being remoted after being demoted to Planetary status again and so does Pluto. That’s why the Planet showed us a heart when the flyby pic was taken.

Many of my clients are going through hard Pluto transits by conjunctions and squares. The U.S. is being hit by its 1st Pluto return now which has its first conjunction february 22 2022 and twice more in that year. if you need help understanding how Pluto is affecting you and how its soulmaking capacity works in your natal chart. Get a reading

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