Capricious Easter weekend

It’s a sobering mood this Easter Weekend under a serious Capricorn Moon.

Saturn 🪐 the ruler of Capricorn is all about tradition. So definitely be sentimental and do the Easter egg hunt, and the family dinner and time into the death and rebirth energy of Easter.

You may not be able to be with your family in person, although apparently as more people are vaccinated they are open to travel in Britain recently and for some Americans.

Definitely connect with family on zoom with Saturn also ruling Aquarius of course.

The Moon trines Uranus in ♉️ enabling some innovation, trying something new, and giving us some breathing space. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and celebrate uniqueness too. Reach out to someone who may be feeling alienated.

Moon square Chiron in Aries

Capricorn Moon may not be able to talk about how vulnerable we are feeling.

Mercury is at the very last degree of Pisces until 11:41 pm EDT

This is the most karmic 29th and last degree of the zodiac. Our minds and unconscious and psyche’s may be feeling overwhelmed by too many emotions, by being too psychically overwhelmed by the pain and suffering in the world.

I’m sure your intuition and dreams have been on super high for the last while. I hope you have been keeping track. But now It’s time to say goodbye to old karmic thought, ideas, contracts and old karmic webs of self destruction. Let it all go. Martyrdom, hiding in the background, addictions, trying to save others. That’s all ending now.

Mercury enters Aries at 11:41 pm EDT until April 19 holding hands with the Sun. This is brand new shining positive thoughts. It’ll feel like we’ve gone out of the fog. Can you believe Mercury was only in Pisces since March 15???

Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe and healthy,

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