Chance of arguing today 100%

If you are feeling on edge, short-tempered, feeling like the Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland yelling “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.” snapping at anything, and everything and especially in close relationships. I can testify to this energy already. Let me explain.


Because Mercury the planet of communication and Mars the planet of fighting are in hard aspects today in mutable changeable signs. At 11+ degrees look to where this is in your natal charts.

MERCURY is in PISCES now is making our heads feel foggy and confused, dilutes information and has our minds rooted in the unconscious and largely in denial. Mercury in Pisces is your shadow talking. Mercury governs two signs Gemini and Virgo.

MARS the planet of aggression, competition and energy is in GEMINI, wHere it loves to be the devil’s advocate and debate and tear worlds apart. Mars is also conjunct to the North Node Gemini Making the words you say and the thoughts you think very fated. Be careful what you say. Mars in Geminis words and ideas roll out non-stop.

MARS ON GEMINI rules the LUNGS remember to breathe before you shout and strike back. Mars on the Nodes indicates you may regret saying something mean divisive or unconsciously cruel.

Mercury moves into conjunction with Neptune March 29th at 21+ PISCES. These will be challenging days to not shoot off our mouths, and for having clear communications. These will be RED LETTER days for misinformation, denials and clouded conversations on social media, marketing and the internet itself. Mark this date on your calendar.

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in PISCES is wonderful for dreaming, meditation, visualization, romance, poetry, art lectures, spiritual workshops and the like. Also good time for REHAB for working on relationships, substance and gurus worshipping addictions.

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We will work on healing past life energies, heartbreaks and relationship imbalances.

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