The Meaning Behind Pleiades

The Pleiades are renowned by every culture in the world. We are star children of the Pleiades according to Indigenous Native American stories and the Dogon people in Africa.

Blessings of Truth

Our Celestial Collection is breathtaking, inspired by the beauty of the sun and moon. The constellation Pleiades is represented throughout because of its mythical meaning and lasting impression.  With the collection focused on looking forward to the light seen after the darkness, the Pleiades pieces offer a refreshing glow and sparkle to guide you on your journey.

Being one of the first stars mentioned in literature, we wanted to give you a little insight into the beauty found in the meaning of the Pleiades constellation.

Pleiades Bronze Disk

Pleiades can be seen in the top right corner of this bronze disk, which dates back to 1600 BC Germany, and is one of the oldest representations of the constellation!

Though not as well-known as other constellations, Pleiades has an interesting mythology, with stories varying by culture. Here are just a few examples of how other cultures view this mystifying constellation.


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