Pisces New Moon Dream release

March 13 NEPTUNE/VENUS CONJUNCTION at 20+ PISCES on the night of the PIsces stellium NEW MOON at 23+ PISCES

8:07 pm PST/ 11:07 pm EST/ March 14, 3:07 am GMT.

Remember that Daylight savings time starts on the 14th at 2:00 am

This is a super psychic, intuitive, dreamy and expansive extremely cleansing NEW MOON for setting new intentions and releasing old karmic contracts letting them dissolve in the ocean of compassion and forgiveness. This is the best time to get in touch with your soul and spirit because you are both divine and human.

Venus is earthy, Neptune is celestial. NEPTUNE is the Higher Octave of VENUS. This is a day to call in your BELOVED, the other half of you which is always part of you but seems to be existing in another person. That is the illusion, part of the Neptune bag of tricks. 

This amazing combo of the marriage of human and spiritual Soul mate love is very ethereal and a wonderful time to connect with a soul mate or send out the intention of coming back together with them. PIsces is the sign of karma, endings and completions. It’s all a time of creativity and celebration, cleansing releasing and new intentions it’s a massive SOUL CLEANSE and could be a world soul cleanse if you send your intention out to the world on this new moon which is what I will be doing in a ceremony.

This is also a sign of The GREAT ESCAPE, delusions,illusions and addictions

The downside of Pisces. Denial, debt, illusions, oil, water problems, addictions, co-dependency and martyrdom, victimhood and self-blame and self-sabotage. ALso glamourizing others, movie stars, Hollywood, wealth, over glamourization of everything. Be aware of what you may not be wanting to face in your love life, your financial situation and the world at large right now. A good time to resolve addictions by starting rehab, hypnosis, past life regression to get to the root fo your addictions and work through them to be healed and free.

Check into your natal chart to see which house and aspects Neptune Venus makes. For me, it’s in my 4th house, my roots, foundation and squaring my Mercury in Sagittarius. I will be doing a big ritual on this new moon.,

It’s important to honor this SACRED MARRIAGE through ritual

Build an altar to VENUS and NEPTUNE

Bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get yourself all made up like a Goddess, or a God. Venus’ metal is copper, she likes greens and blues. Gemstones in those colors would work well, aquamarine, or emeralds, lapiz lazuli, sodalite, aventurine, etc. Buy roses, the most feminine of all flowers, very fragrant. Get on your beautiful seductive aromatherapy oils.  Bring in symbols for Neptune, starfishes, shells, dolphins, whales, mermaids, cosmic symbols, mandalas. Lay it all out. Have cups of water, everything that symbolizes beauty.


It would be optimum to do a bathing ritual as well, alone or with your beloved. Put in rose petals and rose oil, or lavender. Imagine that you are VENUS risen from the sea foam; Desirable to all, the love goddess who attracts love everywhere she goes. Who spreads love everywhere. See your heart expanding and being the source for all love you wish to attract. Drink plenty of water,

Neptune in PISCES is the ocean of unconditional love. The more love you give away the more you receive. Helping the unloved, the forgotten, the neglected, the more love returns to you. Do something charitable, do it anonymously, write a cheque, donate online, donate your time. Pay it forwards in a lineup, leave money somewhere for a stranger to find. Put prayers onto your money whenever it changes hands, the prayers and good intentions go with it.  Send prayers to the oceans and all of her creatures.


This is a night of massive forgiveness. Forgiveness can’t be forced. The ones we need to forgive most are ourselves.  Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for whatever it is you did. BE careful because PISCES tends to take on guilt that isn’t their own. Sort out what you are really responsible for-only yourself actually and let the rest of it go. You can also get down on your knees and prostrate yourself to the Great Mystery because it is good to be humble and remember your co-creating with the universe.

Yes, Forgive everyone, Republicans, Democrats, your “enemy,”- the Jews, gays, Muslim. Christians,  your ex-. Just send it out there. Imagine that we are all one in one big ocean of BLISS.  As you imagine it, you create it. 

This is a big night to incubate dreams and to do visualizations. Imagine the world at peace, in a cloud of unconditional love. Incubate the dream of the beloved before you go to sleep at night. 


We are the magic we are the love, we are the beauty, we are the cosmos, we are humans we are eternal, we are fragile, we are Love.

LOVE thyself, in a non-egotistic way. This is super important now. You are not who you think you are. You are much bigger than that. You dont need to boast or acquire or show off, or be arrogant or try to impress anyone else or show anyone up, That is all nonsense ego games.  Be the soul you are. You are sexless, eternal, whole, enlightened, unattached, loving, giving, caring and absolutely creative.

You are loved just because you breathe.

Make a painting, write poetry, recite poetry, sing, make music, make love,dance, cook, bake, create something with your hands, admire beauty, read uplifting spiritual texts, travel on a magic carpet ride to anywhere in the Universe. Allow all the limitless ocean of creativity to flow through you cleansing and releasing any past scunge and clearing the way.

Do be careful of consuming alcohol or any drugs prescription or otherwise as the energy will be so high anyway and your judgement may be off.

We are only a week until Spring in the northern hemisphere on March 20.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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