Sunday socializing tea time

After the Virgo Full Moon, although energetically still in effect. The Moon/ Neptune in Pisces ♓️ opposition trine Pluto in Capricorn ♑️ should bring on very sexually intense dreams. Shadow dream figures may haunt you too. Practice being awake in lucid dreaming can make those scary wraiths disappear.

Moon trines Mars in Taurus ♉️ conjunct Algol in the morning. You may project a fearsome Medusa aspect into a woman whose power and stubbornness you fear. take note of that.

Moon enters Libra ♎️ 2:17 pm EST

We’re into sociable, nice, trying to find a balance energy. I know do many young people hate on Libra right now. But Libra ♎️ sees both sides of the equation. We need the ability to listen and interpret the way others see things too.

Relationships and conversations may be difficult as the Libra moon Quincunx 150 degree aspect- to Venus in Pisces ♓️ in the evening. Try to talk nice to psychic vampires.

Moon opposes Chiron in Aries ♈️ in PST / March 1in EST and GMT

Vulnerability is a bridge built to facilitate healing. Only the strongest can be truly vulnerable.

Moon quincunx Uranus in Taurus

Stubbornness gets you no points if you’re trying to Make relationships work. in PST/ March 1 pm EST and GMT

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