Super Bowl Winner Astrology

I decided to jump in last minute to do a Sports prediction

I am not a football fan. My Dad was. I always felt sorry for the guy on the bottom of the pile-up and could never follow the rules. My dad spent every Sunday watching football or hockey in whatever season it was. But baseball was his first real love. So I was ignored every Sunday and maybe that’s why I don’t like football. But I shared my dad’s love of baseball because he used to take me to baseball games from the time I was 6 months old till I was in my 30’s.

I am completely impartial. I don’t know one team from the next and have only heard of Tom Brady.

I am judging the winner from the astrology charts and using my pendulum and my psychic energies.

Here’s KANSAS CITY CHIEF’s Birth chart with no birth time. set to Natural house positions. They won last year’s Super Bowl.

KANSAS City is an LEO TEAM and the name Chief suits that. Mercury Retrograde is conjunct Chiron in AQUARIUS which can amplify injuries. Mercury is opposite their LEO SUN and it squares their lucky Jupiter In Scorpio which is not a great aspect. With Mercury Retro they can have miscommunications issues. Squares are hard aspects. All oppositions are tense and can indicate the team can’t pull together as one.

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER is still conjunct their SOUTH NODE, injuries can be nagging at them. This could all work against them.


TAMPA BAY is a solid heavy-weight TAURUS energy. They are under the positive JUPITER SATURN Square to their SUN and the heavy transformative PLUTO VIBES squaring Chiron and MERCURY in ARIES and URANUS in LIBRA. NEPTUNE in PISCES is squaring their NODES AS well. This can dissipate their energies but makes them team telepathically intune. They are also having a NODAL RETURN their North Node in SAGITTARIUS is now conjunct the South Node. Which I consider a good thing, A reversal of fortune.

Honestly they are both working againsts heavy astrological transits.

I’m predicting Tampa Bay to WIN my crystal concurs.

please share widely all writing is copyright of tara Greene

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