Dogecoin, Reddit, Radical Aquarius Astrology


Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Credit: mk1ne, CC BY-SA 4.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

Right on cue the JUPITER SUN January 28 conjunction at 9+ degrees AQUARIUS always makes things go over the top on the DRAMATIC FULL MOON in LEO in a big center stage way,

The radical Robin Hood AQUARIAN AGE has begun very obviously with the news of the REDDITERS driving up the prices of GAMESTOP, AMC, DOGECOIN and other stocks taking down big HEDGE FUNDS who are shorting the deal. How synchronous that the TRADING APP Robin Hood had to shut down trading. Billionaire Elon Musk and others have been supportive of the little guys getting their own back at Plutocrats who get government bailouts. The Redditers are trying to make money their way in an Aquarian internets support group. This is HUGE. 

Of course, the SEC will have to investigate because only the 1% get to play and win not the little guys. The plot is just starting.

And now the planet that governs communications and the net MERCURY turns RETROGRADE  JAN 30 at  in AQUARIUS at 26+ degrees

Well you know the drill.

I hope that you have bought everything you needed already especially computers cell phones hardware and software before Mercury puts it into reverse. Mercury in AQUARIUS has us redoing tech things, reviewing our social circles, deciding what we want to radically alter in our lives.

RETROGRADES in AQUARIUS are times to go back and complete unfinished business with 11th Sign/11th House issues, friends, organizations, wishes, hopes and dreams. Think about what you really want and get clear about your intent. Jettison old ideas, attachments and circles which are no longer serving your radical goal of freedom. When Mercury turns Stationary Direct on February 20 you will be ready to boldly go forward much lighter and clearer headed.

These times are recommending that we slow down and turn within. Retrogradation is inherently a feminine internalizing energy.


Sagittarius, the beautiful Jupiter CAZIMI in the heart of the Aquarius SUN January 28 brings great benefits. JUPITER is your Big blessings planet. Feel radically charged energy radiating off of your glowing mane. You head off to inspire others to revolutionize life. 

Pisces, the beautiful Jupiter CAZIMI in the heart of the Aquarius SUN January 28 brings benefits. JUPITER is your ruling planet. Feel radically charged energy. Jupiter enters Pisces May 13- Jul 28, 2021 Dec 28, 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces. re-enters Oct 28, 2022 -Dec 20, 2022.

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