The business of love Venus in Capricorn ♑️

Venus enters Capricorn January 8 to February 1. She moves into a new sign along with Mercury entering Aquarius.

Venus gets serious about love. Venus takes love responsibly. She wants contracts, commitments like marriages and laid out long term plans. She is karmic love time, likes older lovers, and gets down to the business of love.

Women assert themselves in the corporate world. Just in time for the first woman Vice President in the US be sworn in.

Venus rules our tastes, our values, money luxury, creativity.

Because venus answers to Saturn while she is on Capricorn then Aquarius until February 25 we’re settling into a short period of restrictions, heaviness and tests in love and in the economy. Bitcoins current smash to $40,000 may start to slow down and there may be government restrictions and tethering.

Venus in Capricorn is great for committing yourself to working on a cherished creative project and to have the discipline to get it all done.

Capricorn you may be struck by Cupid’s now and meet someone you’re karmically meant to now..

Traces your love for your work now. Capricorn rules career, long term goals. If you don’t love your work then get serious about changing it up when Venus enters Aquarius ♒️.

Love May feel heavy depressing and somber as befits Capricorn. Just remember it’s just part of the journey. Work through any regrets, losses, goals and complete things,timelines and bury them. Capricorn is time and it’s time for old values to die.

It’s Also time to build foundations for creativity and for new love. Venus in Capricorn likes routine order discipline. You’ll find it easier and more enjoyable to follow a routine, workout or New Years goals.

Capricorn’s receive and give love now. They like antiques, conservative things.

But Capricorn’s are also horny goats. If you’ve never loved a Capricorn they will surprise you with their wild down to earth nature.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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