Saturnalia 2020 Solstice and Great Conjunction


Happy Saturnalia! The ancient Roman festival was celebrated on December 17-23.

This year it perfectly synchronizes with the Capricorn Solstice and the Rare Jupiter Saturn alignment at 0+ Aquarius.

The Roman poet Catullus said it was “the best of days.” There was Role reversals of masters serving slaves, gift-giving, constant partying outward displays of homosexuality for males and wax or pottery figures called sigillaria were made.

Saturn’s metal is lead. Saturnine herbs are asafoetida, valerian, garlic, rosemary, dill, St. John’s wort, Solomon’s seal, hyssop and patchouli.

During Saturnalia the people wore a special cap called a pileus made from felt which signified a freed Slave. It was also a bronze military helmet in the 5th Century BC. A similar one is used today in Albania and Kosovo.

 SATURNALIA, an Ancient Roman Festival, was originally celebrated on Dec 17 but in spite of opposition became so popular it ran till Dec 23.

The Saturnalia was originally celebrated in Ancient Rome for only a day, but it was so popular it soon it lasted a week, despite Augustus’ efforts to reduce it to three days, and Caligula’s, to five. Like our Christmas, this important holy day was for more than fun and games. Saturnalia was a time to honor the god of sowing and reaping, Saturn. But again, like our Christmas, it was also a festival day on which a public banquet was prepared.  A statue of Saturn Lord of Time/ was usually bound in Rope but at his feast, the statue was unbound.

Saturnalia Was the Best Part of the Roman Year

The poet Catullus describes Saturnalia as the best of days. It was a time of celebration, visits to friends, and gift-giving, particularly of wax candles (cerei), and earthenware figurines (Sigillaria). The best part of the Saturnalia (for slaves) was the temporary reversal of roles. Masters served meals to their slaves who were permitted the unaccustomed luxuries of leisure and gambling. Clothing was relaxed and included the peaked woollen cap that symbolized the freed slave, which looks an awful lot like you know who’s peaked red hat . A member of the familia (family plus slaves) was appointed,” Lord of Misrule”.

Men were allowed to express their homosexual feelings in public. There was a huge element of satire and FOOL-ery, or scapegoating.

Macrobius, in his Saturnalia, creates an imaginary symposium among pagan intellectuals in which he offers an explanation for the varying length of the holiday. Originally, it was celebrated on only one day, the fourteenth before the Kalends of January. With the reform of the Julian calendar,  two days were added to December, and the Saturnalia was celebrated sixteen days before the Kalends (December 17), “with the result that, since the exact day was not commonly known—some observing the addition which Caesar had made to the calendar and others following the old usage—the festival came to be regarded as lasting for more days than one.


The original day now was given over to the Opalia, honoring Ops, who personified abundance and the fruits of the earth, and was the consort of Saturn. As the two deities represented the produce of the fields and orchards, so they also were thought to represent heaven and earth. It was for this reason, says Macrobius (I.10.20), that the two festivals were celebrated at the same time, the worshipers of Ops always sitting in prayer so that they touched the earth, mother of all.

I was struck with the etymological simile of Opalia, Goddess of abundance and Oprah’s name. Name destiny is a very important signifier for me.

To have Saturnalia overlap with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction and Capricorn Solstice is amazing. I will write about the solstice chart

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