Great Conjunction Meditation Guide

SATURN enters Aquarius December 16 at 9:04 pm PST and December 17 at 12:04 am EST and 5:04 am GMT to stay until March 7, 2023.

December 17 is also the beginning of the Ancient Roman festival of the Saturnalia.

You can read about what i have written about the Saturnalia here

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THE Capricorn solstice is at 2:02 am PST/ 5:02 am EST and 10:02 am GMT this is always a major gateway.As the longest night of the year the ancient pagan festival when the sun is at standstill and we rejoice the return of the Sun Star of our solar system to its strength for the next 6 months. Sol INVICTIS.

Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the skies on winter Solstice at 10:20 am PST/ 1:20 pm EST/ and 6:20 pm GMT

AQUARIUS is symbolized by The Water Bearer, the 11th sign, a FIXED Air sign. Aquarius’s symbol is a human showing higher consciousness as the stars as the consciousness and waters of life.

The Star in the Tarot, the 17th Trump card shows this energy of the Goddess as the Stars, as cosmic vessels of divine light flowing down to the earth to quench our human cosmic desire to be connected with the source.  

 We are bringing to light and completing lessons about our Light, ego, and sharing our riches, self-expression, our childlike ability to play, our passions and dramas, our leadership, our roles, our hearts,  our abilities to share power and our higher consciousness where we are all in fact ONE.

Doris Lessing, the late great British writer wrote a sci-fi series years ago. The first book was called  Shikasta, in the Canopus in Argos series. In it, the higher consciousness beings brought S.O.W.F. to the earthlings who were genetically created by Extra-Terrestrials. The acronym means Substance Of We Feeling. How Aquarian is that? We are bringing in that S.O.W.F. as the Age of Aquarius is purported to begin.

Do you know about the MAGIC BOX ceremony at ULURU Australia on Solstice December 21? It is Ancient Aboriginal peoples prophesy which is occurring on December 21 on Winter Solstice as Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 Aquarius for the first time in 800 years. The indigenous elders will be leading a ceremony a the sacred rock. For me this is the real deal.

Please go to their website to read about this. This ceremony will be occuring on December 21 at 9:02 pm in ULURU australia which is 6:32 am EST and 3:32 am PST.

“When the Moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars

then Peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars.”

is the opening lines of the Song the Age of Aquarius from the musical Hair sung by The 5th Dimension and people are seeing this event as tuning us into the higher dimensions of consciousness too.

I am not talking about Jupiter here but on the attributes of Aquarius where Saturn will be travelling much longer than Jupiter.

I will put up the actual astrology chart shortly too. The PLEIADES have something very powerful to do with this Ceremony as they are the orchestrators. The central star in the Pleiades ALCYONE which is considered to be the Central Sun of our galaxy at 0 GEMINI will be TRINE to the 0 Aquarius point

Aquarius energy is like being struck by lightning. The Eureka moment when the big cosmic light bulb goes off in your mind. The double lines of lightning which is Aquarius’s glyph, symbolizing the waters of consciousness also signifies that you are the lightning bolt, the masculine inseminating Zeus/ Thunder God’s flash of insight, cosmic sperm and also the one being struck, like a bolt out of the blue, to awaken, to be awakened.

Aquarius, the electric sign, is the sign of uniqueness, genius, higher consciousness, perspectives and revolutionary thinking.  Aquarius energy is groupthink, tribal mind and breaking fee from the old structures and limitations of Saturn {even though the cosmic cop rules both these signs traditionally}. Aquarius energy is initiating and inventive.

What comes to mind is a meditation on a blue jewel, a star sapphire, and the stone that denotes Saturn the ruler of AQUARIUS along with URANUS. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra, the 5th one. It is the chakra of speech, the word, the origin of everything in the Universe. 

Interesting that URANUS the planet which governs Aquarius is now in TAURUS and has been since 2018 until 2023/2024.

The Tarot card that symbolizes Aquarius is the #17 the STAR

“Every man and every woman is a Star.”

  from the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

 The Goddess Tarot image shows the Goddess Inanna whose mythic story explains planet Venus’s journey into the Underworld when the blue Planet turns Retrograde which Venus is doing right now.

The number 17/ Aquarius the Star.

According to the Kabbalah the number 17 is ruled by Venus. Every 17th degree is considered to be under Venus’ rulership in any sign.  Seventeen is a number of looking for the spiritual Light in every sign.

AQUARIUS symbols

Ruler:  URANUS, modern astrology.

ANGEL; Umabel Angel of friendship

Colors: sky blue

Incense: Violet

Metal: Uranium

Gems: Turquoise, sugilite, moss agate, lapis lazuli, jasper,

Day of week: Wednesday

Flowers: orchids

Herbs; Rosemary, great for the mind. Use rosemary everywhere. Juniper is the red berry of the bush used to make gin. Juniper helps clear the mind of clutter.

Musical note: A sharp/B flat

Body: circulation, ankles and shins

MEDITATION for the JUPITER SATURN conjunction December 21,

If you’ve been doing previous meditations gather the four candles, colour-related items and incense.

We are connecting with JUPITER AND SATURN Aand the ELEMENT of AIR and the stars. The conjunction occurs December 21 on Solstice at 10:20 am PST/ 1:20 EST pm it will be light outside and 6:20 pm GMT it will be dark out. Imagine if you need to that you are under the Stars at night.

Smudge yourself first, cleanse the area you are in. Center yourself and BREATHE. Aquarius is AIR.

Light your four candles one by one starting in the East for fire, this is the cosmological system I use but if you are pagan you begin in the South with Fire. Always move clockwise, wherever you start. Call in the four elements and directions. Call in the Holy Guardian Angels and your own and the Angel of this Moon, Umabel {oomabell}.

Close your eyes. Go into your heart. Visualize a root chakra opening meditation; see previous instructions

With your eyes open or closed look up into the vault of Heaven and see the sky filled with thousands of stars. Each star represents an ancestor watching over you. Every person is connected with a star. Seek out a star that attracts your attention. In your mind’s eye travel out from your crown chakra at the top of your head to this star. When you reach this Star you will have a higher perspective. Look back at the earth, a tiny blue planet on which seven billion individuals co-habit. See how tiny your issues are when faced with the vast expanse of Space.

From this higher perspective it is easy to detach from any emotions, people and situations that have been keeping you feeling stuck, stagnant or blind. Sense the freedom! The E.F.T. emotional freedom technique or Tapping, can be brought in and used if you know it. Know that you are a precious individual and always a Star in your own right.

Now connect with the spiritual consciousness of the specific star of JUPITER and SATURN at 0 Aquarius. You don’t have to know which star it is. Open your mind to a new adventure, a new learning curve.  See, feel or sense the Soul of the Star, the Guardian of it, its essence. Ask its permission to speak with you. Open up to dialogue with it. You will have an extraordinary experience if you seek, ask and open your mind. You are always safe and protected.

Ask the Soul Star what your higher mission is if you don’t already know it or are seeking clarity. Be patient, wait. The Star, just like the Tarot trump’s mission is to pour down cosmic wisdom.

All you have to do is ask, be open and receive. Always give thanks and be grateful for the information, new ideas and breakthrough consciousness you will experience.  Many inventions are triggered from these stellar interactions.  From your Starry perspective make a Fixed vow that you will follow through and earth that new experience, energy, invention and freedom which you have received.  Bring your consciousness back down to earth and know that you can connect yourself anytime you wish to the Star and make wishes on it too.

Slowly come out of your meditation. Look up at the Stars. Write down or record your experience on your tablet, phone or other device. Make an 8 point action plan to manifest your new consciousness. You can keep doing this meditation daily.

Many Blessings, Tara

I will be live on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency doing a live talk on the Age of Aquarius and the Solstice on December 21 at 4:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm EST/ 11:00 pm GMT. I will also be doing Tarot Card readings for each sign on what the Jupiter Saturn conjunction means for you.

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