De-stressing Election Tarot reading

Yes, it’s been very stressful America, and I empathize with you all. Just as most Astrologers said, there would be no outcome on Election Day because of Mercury Retrograde turning Direct yesterday. There won’t be an outcome for while either. Mercury is forming a hard square to Saturn on November 6 slowing down the recount process. Biden has not won by a huge margin at all and the fate of the next U.S. President is in the Balance. Trump stated he won early in the morning but all the votes are not in. I am still predicting that Trump will win. This will have to go to the Supreme Court to be decided.

You can come to Canada as political refugees and be given support right away. Check into that.

You need a Tarot card reading for some guidance in the post Election day November 3rd.

Watch the reading with The MUSE TAROT i have pulled 1 card for each element.

Fire, Water, Earth and Air not the usual order, but its OK>

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tarot card Reading of the Four elements
tarot card Reading of the Four elements

2 thoughts on “De-stressing Election Tarot reading

  1. Pins and needles, but 45 is not winning. Biden has 264 electoral votes, very close to the 270 necessary to win the presidency.


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