Joe Biden Election Astrology Prediction

On November 3 Election Day in the U.S. JOE BIDEN CHANCES breakdown.

I am being impartial in my prediction. This is based purely on straightforward transits to Joe Biden’s Birth Chart and upcoming eclipses. I use Western Tropical Astrology and my intuition, I am also a psychic. I have accurately predicted many political wins since 2004 in Canada and in the U.S. which have been published in Newspapers, on the Web, on TV and in my blog. I predicted both Obama Presidential wins years ahead of time, Justin Trudeau’s first win a year in advance when that was totally unforeseen. I predicted Prince Harry meeting Meghan Markle years in advance and the Fukushima nuclear explosion to the month. I also predicted Covid-19, as I saw 2020 as a very dark year of death, restrictions and very hard times and was warning my readers. Covid-19 was not only the SATURN-PLUTO conjunction of January 12,2020 but also a mass virus from planets Jupiter and Neptune in 2019. You can reference some of these articles on this site.


The transiting SCORPIO SUN is conjunct to Joe’s MARS in Scorpio right on the cusp of his 12th House. This aspect would normally bring excitement, passion, anger, power and drive as Mars rules Scorpio. BUT, transiting MARS is currently still RETROGRADE at 16 degrees ARIES which is not good at all. The brakes are on, there is no power going out, only reaction, repressed anger and frustration. -STRIKE ONE.


The Moon symbolizes the people in mundane charts like this and its in GEMINI which is good for triple GEMINI Trump and Biden’s 9-degree Saturn in Gemini. The MOON is travelling through Joe’s 7th house of all “others” on that day which is good he is connecting emotionally with the people and the prevailing split state of consciousness on this day. -GOOD.

The Moon is ruled by MERCURY on this day

MERCURY in LIBRA at 25 degrees TURNS from Retrograde to STATIONARY

and at the most powerful turning point at 9:50 am PDT/12:50 pm EDT.

This Mercurial turning point by The Trickster planet will change up the flow of communications. Expect votes, information and communications to go haywire. It brings all media to a HALT. There may be satellite breakdowns and internet stoppages temporarily. It will surely create confusion with all information, mail-in ballots and definitely a recall. This is what happened in the 2000 election as well. LIBRA is the scales of Justice and people waffle and change their minds. Justice, the courts will surely have to weigh in on this matter. -NOT GOOD.

MERCURY squaring Joe’s natal JUPITER at 25 CANCER. This puts pressure on Joe’s emotional connectivity.


Venus, women, and attraction sextiles Joe’s PLUTO in LEO. Women love him. CHIRON is trine to his PLUTO in LEO, but he does not appear strong. He has no energy and is not seen as a powerful defender.-NOT GOOD.

The disaster crew of SATURN and PLUTO now joined by JUPITER in CAPRICORN EXPANDING THE CARNAGE, but also bringing all the power in Corporate structure and on the world’s stage is opposite Joe’s JUPITER Retrograde in CANCER at 25 degrees. This can be either incredibly good or totally destructive as the Nature of Saturn and Pluto are. These planets are sextile, an easy aspect to Joe’s Mercury Sun, Venus in Scorpio in his hidden 12th House.- SOMEWHAT HELPFUL.


Joe’s SATURN in GEMINI at 9-degree is exactly on the November 30 Penumbral, a very faint LUNAR ECLIPSE which is at 8 Gemini a Full moon and will be visible over Washington D.C .for 4 hours. Eclipse repeat in 18+ year cycles and have a fated nature. Saturn is responsibility and maturity. Saturn in in Joe’s 7th house of relationships with all others. Lunar Eclipses are more internalized. Moon Saturn conjunctions restrict feelings and bring depression, regret, sorrow.- NOT GOOD.


Is conjunct Joe’s PART OF FORTUNE which means anything can happen. Uranus brings wild chaos, freedom, explosions, revolutions, attacks, hi-tech, and change of status quo.  URANUS is opposed to JOE’s SCORPIO MARS which exacerbates the unpredictable nature it applies; it has been supplying for some time. An explosion ready to blow sky high.  NOT GOOD!

This indicates a heart attack! If not now very soon. Joe has Pluto in Leo in his 8th house of sudden death. Pluto in Leo indicates heart attacks.  URANUS changes DIRECTION from RETROGRADE to DIRECT on January 14, 2021. The swearing in of a new President is on January 20, 2021.  VERY BAD! JOE Could be incapacitated or die. Kamala Harris will become President if Joe wins the election. I haven’t even looked at Kamala’s chart but I hear it’s fantastic. -DISASTER


Neptune is right at the bottom of Joe’s chart on his I.C. his roots foundation, home and family and is on the axis to his M.C. the Topmost part of his chart, the cusp of the 10th house of World Fame and Career Success. This is not a good aspect because Neptune is deceptive, its unreal, unfathomable, illusionary and projection. It’s like a Hologram. Neptune makes things go up in smoke. Yes it is the planet of spirituality and dreams, also illusion and debt, glamour, and deceit.- NOT GOOD.



This Node is exactly Square a hard aspect to Joe’s M.C. world career success and his I.C. Squaring CERES, the Dwarf Planet of Mothering, Nature, the Mothering Principle. Squares are hard aspects; this can be interpreted positively or negatively.

The December 21, 2020 conjunction of JUPITER and SATURN occurs at 0 degrees AQUARIUS and usher in a new 20-year cycle. The Grand Conjunction is an immensely powerful positive cycle. They both exactly square Joe’s 0 degree Taurus MOON in his 5th house of leadership, as it is naturally a Leo overlay house, which indicates a big move and an expansive Jupitarian Lucky radical change and a Serious responsible mature Saturnine new career, reality and outlook where Joe lives, literally and in his emotional body. -THIS IS A GOOD FUTURE ASPECT.

On DECEMBER 14th,  the day that the Electoral College Votes, after the popular votes are cast and possibly ‘flipped’ or somehow tossed on Election Day November 3, 2020.

There is an important South Nodal NEW MOON Sagittarius TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 23 + Sagittarius. ECLIPSE occurs in his 1st House of self-identity and widely squares Joe’s MC/IC widely and his natal Ceres in PISCES. Total Solar Eclipses change outward consciousness. It is considered too wide an aspect to have an effect.


I have to say that as I have tuned into this psychically I first saw Biden win. But now as we are closer, I see Trump re-elected. But there will be a civil war because of this. This is an inevitable occurrence in America as it is fated because what is really happening is, this is about the U.S. 1st PLUTO RETURN.

A U.S. Pluto return is when the Planet Pluto returns to exactly the same degrees as it was on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. This once every approximately 250-year transit will be exact all through 2022. It’s already in progress, and like him or not, Trump is the perfect foil for this process. A once in a lifetime Pluto transit in an individual’s life acts the same way. Pluto, ruler of the Soul, psychology and the Shadows demolishes the old false-self. Pluto, Lord of The Underworld brings whatever destruction is necessary to force changes. Pluto, is Lord of Wealth, helping an individual or a country to walk its’ soul’s true path. There is always destruction before a new, totally authentic self can be reborn, as hard and difficult as that is. I have been predicted a Civil War and a return to zero point for over three years now. American may not exist under the terms the founding fathers created in 2022/2023/2024.

As a Canadian watching our neighbours go through this election, we are also affected as we are tied in most strongly with U.S. Policy. We share the world’s longest border peacefully. I wish all Americans a peaceful, clarifying, election with justice and democracy prevailing. The coming Aquarian Age needs higher consciousness, a revolution in government and the people taking back their power.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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6 thoughts on “Joe Biden Election Astrology Prediction

  1. Well done! I have had my horoscope done before but never with such detail as this. It looks like we are in for some trouble down here in this country. Hopefully it will not last to long.


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