Halloween Blue Moon Chaos Magic

Taurus Blue Full Moon halloween 2020

The rare Blue Full Moon in Taurus is sure to bring chaos just like what happened to this post. Half of it disappeared.

Halloween night will feature a Magical Moon event of the year. 

For the first time in decades, there will be a full moon visible across the entire U.S. on Halloween night, Oct. 31. The last time that a full moon was seen in all U.S. time zones on Halloween was 1944, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. Yeah that was when Hitler and Mussolini were around.

Halloween Taurus Blue Ball full radical moon yep. Witches New Year, Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinnest. URANUS the radical chaos planet is conjunct the MOON. I hope someone doesn’t drop a bomb literally. Uranus rules Uranium. On this special day of the pagan celebration of the old year ending and the new one beginning.

Things are intense with a Cardinal Cross between MARS RETROGRADE in ARIES squaring JUPITER PLUTO and SCORPIO and opposing Mercury also Retrograde. an early indicator of the radical changes ahead. This is a URANIAN/AQUARIAN influenced rare Blue Moon. Stay centred, listen to your intuition.

there is really a video to watch so please do that. I already rewrote 7 versions.

URANUS planet of chaos revolutions, higher consciousness, and explosive energy is conjunct the MOON. Except crazy and shocks in the financial sectors as Taurus governs the Stock Market, Cryptocurrencies volcanic explosions, big earthquakes, terrorism are all on the rise and will continue for the 2 weeks after.

Yes Mars and Mercury are both Retrograde, it will be like watching an accident in slow-mo. The results/effects won’t happen till later.

Venus rules the Full Moon in Libra her other home sign opposite Chiron the Wounded healer also Retrograde in Aries. We are all feeling tense, cranky, irritated, impatient, defensive, vulnerable.

The Full Moon is only 3 days to Election day. All hell will break out no matter which side wins and there really isnt two sides anyways,

watch the videos

watch the Tarot card video YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKiCt-V_K7w

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Cardinal Crosses dominate too,

MARS is still RETROGRADE of course opposite Mercury Retrograde in LIBRA squaring Jupiter Pluto And SATURN in CAPRICORN.

Venus rules the Taurus full moon and she is ini her other home sign of Libra

ERIS is conjunct her brother MARS in ARIES in Greek Mythology is is righteously angry and will wreak havoc for the thrill of it.

Watch the video please’. all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Blue Moon Chaos Magic

  1. Hi, Tara! WordPress has changed editing -system AGAIN 😢 I had to reblog it, I did not manage to get the page RePress, some strange pages appeared, and I was too afraid to use that. WordPress sucks, really 🤬 🤬 They should announce to the users that they are gonna make changes 😦 Please check the post, I would have liked to edit it (I usually make your name bold text, and part of the ‘Tara presentation’ to look nicer and … but not this time. I really very much dislike this Jetpak, who is making the changes. I am very sorry, Tara – it came without warning. I am gonna complain about Jetpack to WordPress. Blessings to you 🌹 🌹 🌹 Have a lovely day, Take care!


  2. Hi, Tara! I managed to get one nice man to help me. I added one addon to my browser yesterday 😳 To protect my security on the net. But that changed everything I see on WordPress to look very strange. This man was a magician – who helped me, he knew straight away, how to help me. I am very ashamed now. Everything is working just okay. Sorry about this 🥺 I reshared and reblogged your post – successfully. I was really wondering, why they have changed the editing -system again. But it was my fault. I start to believe this retrograde is fooling me all the time. 😊 I am very sorry 🌹 🌹 🌹


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