Global resistance

Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.

Late Terminal Capitalism Napoleon Brousseau
Late Terminal Capitalism Napoleon Brousseau

Please watch this informative video from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Global Resistance movement that is going on and gathering speed.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

We must be aware of what’s really going on. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s important that you question everything, everything. Watch the video. And i send blessings of light and protection to Robert Kennedy Jr. carrying on the legacy of his Father and President John F. Kennedy to stop a corrupt government since the 1960’s. Right now is one of the most dangerous times in history.

As a lightworker who came to this planet to teach and to enlighten people I feel it is my job now to step up and make you aware. I use astrology to help navigate these times. I use my higher guides to tell me what I need to know. We must all be able to tune in and listen to our own higher guidance or gut instincts and not panic.

More art by Napoleon Brousseau

info about this Siberian charcoal drawing.

Blessings to you Tara

5 thoughts on “Global resistance

  1. Wonderful to witness more and more psychic and spiritual leaders standing up for our rights. Thank You. Part of being a ‘lightworker’ is doing the ‘work’ in the world.


  2. Hi, Tara! I shared all your posts, except that Tarot -card “The Hanged One #12Tarot card” or
    “6 of inspiration the Muse Tarot” I could not find. I am so sorry. I better go to sleep, this has been a hard day for me. 😔 I wish you got help from someone else. This day did not go as I planned. I am very sorry. 🤔 I don’t even find easily my Twitter or Insta passwords, I have planned to destroy my accounts on both sites, also Facebook. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day 🌺 🌺 🌺 I would have been only interested to hear your reading. Have a beautiful evening. I came here online only because I love your readings 🌹 🌹 🌹 Good night ~ 😴 ✨ ✨ ✨ Blessings, and take care!


  3. Something is lurking in the shadows that cannot be seen by the general public. Something about reading the tarot and astrology, practicing my craft has kept me more aware of our government. Self awareness is a peaceful and powerful thing. Self-identifying, creating communities within our society is community place for the changing of the times as we evolve. Taking responsibility and control of who and what we are becomes the best form of autonomy. This current administration is not I tune with the vibration of autonomy or personal freedom for individuals to be free to choose their life as the individual sees fit. The Civil Rights Movement should have been reinforced with human rights intertwined as a generational long deal to secure more freedom for American citizens. Equality and equity are taken for granted in the face of white privileged colonized, infused societies. Unfortunately, the United States has to learn the hard way. The US Constitution needs to be updated instead of being outdated. The longer it is outdated, the more power the population of women and people of color lose more than anything. The Hanged Man and The Wheel of Fortune in reversed showed up in my reading. Not enough awareness, corrective action nor justice has been properly applied to make these atrocities go away, yet. Scorpio season is here, what transformation will take place-will we be in the dark or going back to the light as we once were?


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