Love Languages Astrology

October 27

MERCURY Retrograde re-enters LIBRA October 27 @ 6:33 pm PDT/ 9:33 pm EDT

VENUS enters her home sign Libra 8 minutes later at 6:41 pm PDT/ 9:41 pm EDT till November 21

LOVE Languages and more relationship Communicating will be in the air. This is a good thing.

We need to communicate with each other much more and relate in more direct ways.

Mercury Retrograde takes us backtracking through old relationships, old conversations, the same old conversations, the same old thinking patterns, the same rebalancing act, the same needing to make peace, the rewriting of the mental patterns, the longing for peace.

All Retrograde are good reviews time so think back to what you were doing on September 27 when Mercury was last at the last degree of Libra. I know it’s hard to keep track of the days now. Old conversations may come up again, people you were texting or connecting up with on the net, dating sites etc may pop back up especially with Mars Retrograde in Aries.. Get ready to rethink your relating style.

VENUS entering her Own Sign brings graciousness, beauty, fashion, needing to relate- not necessarily in person as Libra is an Air sign, social media. Venus becomes the planetary ruler of Mercury now rather than Mars when it was in Scorpio. She tones down the intense mental-emotional agony and paranoia of Mercury in Scorpio.

Venus is in her own sign in Libra. Mars is in Aries in his own sign. Saturn is in his own sign now and will continue to be in his own traditional sign in Aquarius too from December 21 2020.

VENUS and MARS will be opposite each other on November 9th

which can be a tug of war for some and certainly I see this happening in the fallout from the U.S. Election. It can also provoke love sparks in relationships.

Practical use

It’s a good time to redecorate your home and office or redo your closet, give away things you are not wearing anymore. Yes most people are getting rid of the office outfits. Beauty makeovers, get a new hairstyle. Watch different kinds of movies, look at different types of arts and crafts. See women in new ways. Ask how you can bring more balance into your own life, family and in the world.

WOMEN’s values

Venus brings women into the forefront. Libra is the scales of Justice and women will be the ones demanding equality, justice and step into the roles of peacemakers which they traditionally did in tribal societies.

Venus in Libra is a go-between and liaison maker and counsellor. Sharpen your listening tools with Venus in Libra and lean out and help others.

Venus rules the yearning for Peace and it’s up to us to cultivate the peace by taking the middle path and not going into oppositional enemies. Be kind, rewind. That was a cute movie,

Look at where Libra is in your chart and what planets you have there and what aspects they make. Love, beauty and messages will be coming to you there. Rethink what your values are in relationships all kinds and types of realtionships. Everything is up to be re-evaluated, your job, your relationship to the world.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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  1. Hi, Tara! I repressed these last two. I have managed to read all my emails, finally 👍 I try to come back to my normal daily -routine asap. 🌹 🌹 🌹 That article, with the headline “SOUL MAKING and REMAKING”. There was not a place to press ‘like’ anywhere @_@ Have a beautiful weekend.


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