Kim Kardashian West at 40

Happy 40th birthday Kim. Life begins at 40, they used to say.

Happy 40th to Kim Kardashian, the Grandest Libra. What is life like at 40? check out her natal chart and predictions for the year ahead.
Kim Kardashian West, Natal Chart and Transits at 40

KIM K.  is the ULTIMATE BEAUTY QUEEN. She is a 21st Century VENUSIAN born with her LIBRA SUN at the 29th critical degree of the sign of BEAUTY, luxury, society, relationships, and fashion. Kim needs the approval of others constantly and especially her husband, lovers, partners. VENUS was known for having a famous girdle or corset which when she wore it she was so beautiful no man could resist her charms.

She has PLUTO the sign of the PLUTOCRATS, power, control, sex, obsession, wealth, the soul, psyche the shadow, ruthlessness, conjunct her SUN. That is big power, big money, big sex appeal, big influencer.

Kim also has the FORBIDDEN DARK GODDESS LILITH conjunct her LIBRA SUN and PLUTO. She is the very embodiment of the “Scarlet Woman” the Whore of Babylon” Lilith as dark, tempting, but nice, in LIBRA with a sex tape Goddess. She receives this projection from millions of men and women.

LIBRA is the scales of justice and her father famed Lawyer Robert Kardashian, who defended O.J. Simpson in what was the reality show televised trial of 1990’s. She is now following in her dad’s footsteps and studying to become a lawyer too.

LIBRA rules the BOOTY don’t you know?  I know you thought it was URANUS. But that’s a planet, which rules the sign of Aquarius which rules the INTERNET. Remember when Kim’s assets broke the Internet?

Kim’s MOON which is her MOMAGER Kris is at 28 PISCES on her IC 4th house cusp

Kim’s Mom Kris is the root and foundation of Kim’s life very literally and the foundation for her worldly success and career. At 28 PISCES this is at the last critical degree of Pisces. This position makes Kim very spiritual, creative, compassionate glamourous, dreamy, chameleonlike, intuitive and illusory. Kim’s Moon has no boundaries, she is incredibly sensitive and moody, intuitive, malleable, a giver. She is deep down a shy private person. She and her mom could be in a toxic co-dependent relationship which appears very different to the public. Her mom could be a false guru to her.

KIM also has great benefic JUPITER at 28 Virgo opposite to her Moon and on her MC

This is incredibly lucky, for career and fame. It is wealthy, organized, analytical, business and health-oriented. Virgo is the accountant, the workaholic, the humble servant, the earth worshipper the harvester.

JUPITER governs Kim’s Rising sign, her MARS and NEPTUNE in Sagittarius and her PISCES Moon and I.C. so it is very important. Kim is actually much smarter than the act she plays on TV.

JUPITER opposite PISCES charitable MOON squares NEPTUNE at 20 SAGITTARIUS in 1st House

Kim is a dreamer, a magician, who can be a great philanthropist, Neptune is the planet of Hollywood, alcoholics, addicts, wealth and glamour.

MERCURY in SCORPIO in 11th house conjunct URANUS square NODES opposite Chiron

What KIM communicates, sex appeal, wealth, obsession. The communications planet in sexy, SCORPIO conjunct to URANUS- O.K. take it literally. She is a rather unconventional communicator. She has been an innovator of reality TV. This is a fated thing for her. Kim is a radical independent woman. She is an unusual modern sex heroine.

SCORPIO- a sign of sex, power, manipulation in square to her natal North Node in LEO- where else? Her highest spiritual goal is to be a SEX QUEEN- ROYALTY, the goddess, worshipped, drama, big-hearted, in her 8th house of “other people’s money- which she is good at attracting by the millions. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and Kim had trouble in her pregnancies and almost died delivering her 2nd child Saint.

CHIRON in TAURUS in her 5th House opposite MERCURY and URANUS squaring her NODES of FATE. Kim has come to be a healer of the body, MERCURY URANUS have to do with freedom and Kim has petitioned prisoners who were wrongfully charged to be freed.

South NODE is in AQUARIUS, ruled by URANUS is in her 2nd house of Resources, the body- and communicating, breaking boundaries, revolutionary. That indicates her past lives, and storyline. Kim was a revolutionary freedom fighter, a radical thinker in a past life. Uranus also has to do with Hi-tech and IV fertilization. Kim had to have her two youngest children by surrogate mothers. That is a very Aquarian thing.

VENUS the ruler of her LIBRA SUN is at 19 VIRGO

In her 9th house of higher education, travel, teaching, optimism, good humour and adventure. Kim needs space in her relationships.Kim has a very practical side to her, This is an intellectual, neat, organized, detailed, perfectionist Venus. Kim’s taste is very minimal, if you have seen pictures of her home it is almost sterile and simple.


Her RISING or Ascendant at 13+ degrees is conjunct to the Great Attractor a huge outer space anomaly. Suffice it to say take it very literally. Kim can get whatever her heart desires. There is an honesty an interest in Justice, truth, International affairs, and naievete.

MARS in SAGITTARIUS in the 12th HOUSE at 6 degrees

Kim is driven in her unconscious with a great passion for adventure, Justice, truth, honesty. Mars represents the men in her life. The 12th house has to do with addictions, dreams, glamour, illusions, actresses, spirituality, mental illness, past lives, creativity. Kanye West Kim’s husband certainly fits that description.

SATURN at 3 LIBRA is her dad conjunct JUPITER in VIRGO in her MC

Her father was a famous lawyer onTV fighting for O.J. Simpson. his fame wealth and influence helped her. She is daddy’s girl and becoming a lawyer is certainly her way of carrying on his legacy.

Kim’s planets are all bunched up on the EASTERN hemisphere of her chart. I have noticed this pattern is in a lot of very famous people’s charts.

Love her, hate her, never watch KUWTK or not. KIM and her Mom and her sisters have become a cultural phenomena of sorts.


AT 40 KIM is having a VENUS return as VENUS is at 21 VIRGO on her birthday.

The Moon is in Capricorn indicating a year of hard work, maturity, business obstacles testing and sobriety. Her feelings are wrapped up in long term business plans.

Kim is under a beautiful VENUS PLUTO trine on her solar return more wealth, health, power.

MARS is RETROGRADE at 18 degrees ARIES in her 4th house of home family children, her mother and opposite PLUTO in LIBRA. There can be relationship issues and difficulties with KANYE WEST her husband, which most people are aware of as his issues with mental health and Manic-Depression.

SATURN PLUTO and JUPITER will be squaring her SUN now and up to December 21 2020 and beyond. These transits 99.9% of the time destroy marriages and elements of one’s life that do not suit your continued soul growth. KUWTK is about to end in 2021. PLUTO will continue to apply that obsessive deconstruction change death-rebirth and transformation in Kim’s life well into 2023/ 2024.

NEPTUNE in PISCES has been opposed to her VENUS in VIRGO for most of 2020 and lingers there and squares her NEPTUNE.

This is the early mid-life crisis transit where you fall in love with love or believe a too good to be true big illusion, lose lots of money and are generally in a big fog. I know she has millions but she must be careful of going into debt perhaps through her partner.


KIM could also start a spiritual-based business venture. She may be working with psychics, mediums, astrologers. I’d be happy to work with her. Kim will also be much more charitable and philanthropic and speak out for mental illness, women’s and prisoner’s rights.

Kim may be dealing with issues of self-sabotage, delusions, debt, and false promises. Someone knew could come into her life enabling her to leave Kanye.Kim also has to be careful of her health as Neptune rules viruses.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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