Crazy chaos Mercury opposite Uranus

Mercury in Scorpio opposite URANUS in Taurus and your mind is going crazy.

at 9+ degrees this aspect directly affects 5-13 degrees of all folks born in Fixed SIGNS- Scorpio Taurus and Leo Aquarius

Expect cray news, unexpected shocks, deep secrets coming out, sex, money, who’s in control, financial chaos, big shake-ups, could be earthquakes literally, and lots of dirt. The Bullis out of the corral. Bucking away.

Mercury in Scorpio digs deep into power sex control secret issues is opposite wildly chaotic stubborn Uranus in Taurus today. This is just the first opposition, Put it on repeat-peat-peat October19/ 20 when both planets are in Retrograde then one last bull kicker on November 17. Expect a lot of unexpected shape-shifting, freedom fighting, rug pulling from under and chaotic hair pulling events.

Taurus hates change but Uranus is doubling down on Taurus here. Resistance is futile and in modern astrology Uranus governs AQUARIUS and that’s the sign where all the planets are heading at years end.

GEMINI moon is very active as is it nature.

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