Pluto Direct, Covid-19, Big Crunch

Pluto Lord of Death, rebirth, transformation, wealth, the Soul, sex, money, power, secrets and control turns DIRECT October 4 @ 22 Degrees 20 minutes CAPRICORN very close to the exact degree PLUTO and SATURN had their famous conjunct at on January 12 triggering the Covid-19 world-changing event. This explains why things have been so intense and will continue to be s over the next few weeks.

SATURN has also just turned Direct at 25 degrees 20 minutes Capricorn releasing energy to move S-L-O-W-L-Y forward now. Saturn and PLUTO are in a very tight 3 degrees of separation on a CAPRICORN CONVERGENCE. You’ve heard of 6 degrees of Separation this is even tighter- A fear zone. But dont be afraid it’s always darkest before the dawn.

If you have planets at 22-25 degrees Capricorn you are feeling that tight noose grip very intensely and it is obvious how this is affecting the world. Saturn the Grim Reaper, Father Time, Reality, hard Knocks and patience in his own Sign of Capricorn is fearsome.

PLUTO in Capricorn is DIRECT October 4. What happens now? Its’ 3 degrees of separation from Saturn means that the big trap has been set. PLUTO rules the PLUTOCRACY. BIG SEX SECRETS WILL OUT. Ghislaine Maxwell will tell all. Financial dirty deeds will out. Many heads will roll. A huge Financial Market crash expected this month. Stay safe. Be safe.

This a BIG TEST says SATURN and the stakes are life or death says PLUTO. Be real, Be gear now.

Things will be more intense as JUPITER and SATURN move closer and closer until December 21 2020 when the two meet to usher in a new20 year er. You will hear a huge clash of cymbals and fireworks and harkening of a new era like fresh air as they meet at 0 Aquarius.

Until then there still much dirt to be dig up and shadow work to be processesin the Collective unconscious,

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1 thought on “Pluto Direct, Covid-19, Big Crunch

  1. Good morning, Tara 😂 I just woke up, and it’s 15:10 p.m here. So I have been sleeping and dreaming a lot! Thank you for your reading, so much to consider^^ Bright blessings for you to this Sunday 🌹 🌹 🌹 Take care! Have a beautiful day 🌷


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