Libra Equinox 2020 Master Numerology

The SUN enters LIBRA Sept 22 2012 @ 6:31 am PDT/ 9:31 am EDT/ 2:31 pm GMT marking AUTUMN in the Northern Hemisphere and SPRING in the Southern Hemisphere.

NOTE THE NUMEROLOGY of MASTER NUMBER 22 in 22 year. We are already enlightened. 22- THE FOOL in the Tarot. a nrand new round, staying fully in the moment, Trust innocence. 

It is the WESTERLY pole of the 2 days of complete Balance between day and night in the entire year.


LIbra the constellation was associated in Antiquity with the Egyptian Goddess of JUSTICE -MAAT


Weighs the heart against her ostrich feather in the Hall of Judgement After death

After death the heart of the deceased was weighed against her pure white ostrich feather diadem. If one’s heart was heavier than her feather, then the deceased would return to life on earth until one’s heart was light, balanced with no regrets.

I always loved that story.

BALANCE of day and night is EQUINOX

What was born at spring as a seed, an idea, has grown to fruition, seeded itself again and is ready to be harvested and then die to be returned to the earth for renewal, to feed new life next spring, and on and on.

LIBRA is the sign of relationships, the 7th house marriage traditionally in Astrology

LIBRA is ruled by the Goddess of LOVE VENUS of course

VENUS IS in LEO  conjunct VESTA at 17+ degrees LEO at the Equinox

A very fiery focused on love will heart and lighting your own fire. This is a major hot spot at the Equinox. I will be talking about this live on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency page.

Venus and VESTA are the FINGER OF GOD  point with JUPITER at 17 CAPRICORN and NEPTUNE at 19 PISCES 

This is a very interesting aspect. Jupiter rules PISCES as well as Sagittarius and it is a practical dreamy idealistic hopeful aspect. 

MARS RETROGRADE at 27 and Lilith at 26 are almost at exact conjunction and ERIS at 24 ARIES is beside them

A superheated powerhouse of rejected angry positive DARK Goddess energy and Eris brother MARS is defending them from behind the scenes.

The triple threat is trine the SOUTH NODE in SAGITTARIUS at 23 degrees. We will hear some big Galactic news which will shake the foundations about sex abuse, those who have been ignored, raped and pillaged financially sexually emotionally spiritually and physically

Where is VENUS in your natal chart? Where is the sign of LIBRA?  What does your 7th house of marriage/committed relationships hold or lack planetary energy?

is a power GATE, one of the 4 main CARDINAL gateways of the year.

 We are entering the Time of increasing DARK here in the NORTH. I will have to be a NORTHIST here and speak of the Northern Hemisphere which I am more familiar with.

AUTUMN EQUINOX marks the start of the darkest time of the year entering into the DEEP FEMININE dark and mysterious months.

LIBRA EQUINOX celebrates the marriage and equality of the polar complimentary opposites of feminine and masculine energies. 

It’s  Sacred MARRIAGE time. The #14 card in the tarot called TEMPERANCE. Celebrate the integration of the Masculine into the Feminine and vice versa.

At Autumn Equinox we give thanks to the Sun and the EARTH and for the harvest of foods that will help us survive the long cold bare Winter months. We welcome the beautiful colors of leaves magically metamorphosing from green to orange, gold, yellow, red, brown. autumn. We frolic in the mounds of soft crunchy leaves. We honor change, life, death.  

We surrender what no longer serves us, we surrender to old age, to letting go, to facing death as a necessary part of life, another pregnancy. We face the unknown of the harsh months of winter coming. We pray that we and our loved ones will be kept safe and sound by the Love and Blessings of the Goddess, that we may survive to see the birth of the LIGHT at Winter Solstice Dec 21 2020.

Set new intentions now. It’s only Three months till Dec 21, 2020 big new SHEBANG of JUPITER  and SATURN at 0 AQUARIUS. 

Please join me live September 22 at 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT/ September 23 @ 1:00 am GMT for an EQUINOX guided meditation and a focus on the VENUS VESTA conjunction on the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PAGE

1 thought on “Libra Equinox 2020 Master Numerology

  1. Thank you very much, Tara, 🌸 🌸 🌸 Very interesting to read your articles always 👍 I would like to join to that EQUINOX guided meditation, but I think it’s for those who have more knowledge of astrology 🤔 And very much dislike Facebook entirely.😠 (They only spy their users). I am planning to close my account there; I never visit there anymore. Have fun and successful happening there 🙌 Blessings, have a lovely day 🌹 🌹 🌹


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