Grand Labor Day Astrology Video

Labor Day Astrology for all signs, SUN, MOON, RISING, 

The Moon is in TAURUS sign of its exaltation- a good thing. enjoy this Garden of Eden. 

Nice GRAND EARTH TRINE today is a blessings of practicality. We are in “back to School” energy even if its not actually happening.

Moon conjuncted Uranus in the wee hours. 

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE in PISCES bisecting the Grand Trine.A very nice all soft supportive aspects. We rarely get these types of days so truly enjoy the Tarurus sensuality  and Neptunes creative romantic idealism.

Certain degrees stand out today the 15th of earth signs, the  1st 2nd and 25th degrees are aspected by Mercury, Venus, SUN MOON LILITH and MARS +

please watch this video is good for All signs, Moon and Rising signs too.

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