Mars-Saturn, angry and hard times

Mars and Saturn Retrograde are squaring off August 24 ay 26+ degrees


these two malefics would make a great violent film pitch for a film based on astrology.

This is very hard energy from the 2 difficult planets in their own home signs where they are strongest.

Mars is energy action ignition ANGER and SATURN is hard restrictions limitations. 

IN THE NEWS An innocent black man was just shot in the back 7 times in Wisconsin he was unarmed, in his car in from of his kids. This is MARS SATURN in Action. BLM.

At 26 degrees ARIES/ CAPRICORN if you are an ARIES, CAPRICORN, CANCER or LIBRAwith planets at 20-30 degrees of the CARDINAL signs you get the full-throttle impact,

Also, SCORPIO’s too,  as MARS is your ruling Planet- ditto

As SATURN is RETROGRADE we are going back over BIG DADDY issues. Past life and karmic issues, hard issues, can be sexual abuse issues. 

Use the anger wisely to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and the Corporate Robber Barons

DO BE CAREFUL around fires BBQ’S, anything potentially flammable, cars, angry people, and defensiveness.

Saturn is also senior’s. The oldsters still have lots of energy and they can kick-ass. Anger against the Government and Patriarchy also police.

This is a war starting energy. POtential explosions, containment of the California Fires, restrictions on guns, angry mobs attacking institutions and impulsive actions which have long term consequences.

This is the first of three squares

Mars square Saturn Retro. -Aug. 24

Mars Retro square Saturn- with SATURN STATIONARY DIRECT Sept. 29

Mars square Saturn–Jan.13, 2021, Taurus & Aquarius

This is an entirely different thing with Mars in TAURUS and Saturn in AQUARIUS.This will be a powerful turning point. Mars is now dragging his feet. It’s also Yom Kippur the High holiest Day of the Jewish Year. Expect some major fiasco, fighting between Isreal and its enemies.

“When an irresistible force such as you

Meets an old immovable object like me

You can bet just as sure as you love

Something’s got to give 

Something’s got to give

Something’s got to give.”- Something’s Gotta Give by Johnny Mercer

A fight against progress and change. Technological restrictions. I’ll write about that later.

These alignments promise lots of conflicts, wars startings, fire, unconscious triggers, shootings, terrorism, knifings, shootings, looting, sex secrets coming out via Gislaine Maxwell and many other places.

Be safe. Watch the video. Please share widely, all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars square Saturn–Jan.13, 2021, Taurus & Aquarius

3 thoughts on “Mars-Saturn, angry and hard times

  1. I am sorry for being this late today, I repressed your story two hours ago (the first thing 👍) I felt that anger and people’s behavior already late evening yesterday. I was still up until midnight. And woke today in the afternoon (15:30 P.M.) Hopefully, I have managed to sleep over the worst time 😴 Have a blessed day, and I wish nothing bad is gonna happen 🌹 🌹 🌹


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