Galactic Center Spiritual reboot timeline

It’s time for a spiritual reboot as 
The SOUTH NODE is conjunct with the GALACTIC CENTER at 27+ Sagittarius now and all of August. South Node conjunct to the Galactic Center the Big black hole source of souls arriving and departing a wormhole to other dimensions.
A lot of old appropriated spirituality teachings are falling away. Sagittarius is connected with Higher Truths and its connection with the GC greatly enables us to access  Galactic information and Teachers. We need to leave past philosophies, “truths” and old maybe hackneyed spiritual teachings and ideas behind and open our minds to discover brand new Gemini North Node energy. Gemini North Node is ever inquisitive and our curiosities are piqued and peak now. It’s a new mind. 
As Planets move around in transit they aspect the Galactic Center giving us a new insight on a personal as well as a global level.
August 17 SUN conjuncts Mercury in LEO at 25+ degrees TRINING the GC
allowing us to connect with that energy easily. Put your Galactic antennas on. 
Until Aug 21 the SUN will trine the GC
August 24 when MARS is at 27 ARIES it trines the GC 
Sept 3 MERCURY at 25 VIRGO beings squaring the GC the challenge is to ground the information
Sept. 4 VENUS at 27 CANCER squares MARS at 27 ARIES
this sexual face off puts VENUS {love and values} in quincunx with the GC as Mars trine it. You may find your feelings at odds with anger and violence in the world.
Sept. 9 MARS turns RETROGRADE at 27 ARIES a potent point
This indicates a time for a reexamination of the energy’s anger and defences in your life.
Anytime a planet is at 25-29 degrees of Pisces or Virgo it squares the Galactic Center,
Anytime a planet of point is at 25-29 GEMINI it opposes it.
Look at your own chart to check how the NORTH NODE is affecting you personally for clues on what needs to be jettisoned by House.
Other Aspects to the Galactic Center the quincunx- 150-degree angles – 25-29 CANCER or 25-29 TAURUS indicate what the challenges and rewards are and how and where you need to work with them by signs and planets and houses. 
Trines 25-29 ARIES and LEO are positive supportive aspects. 
MEDITATION ON A DAILY BASIS is recommended. There are also Binaural beats recordings which assist this.
Ive been tuning in and will continue to do so.
please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

2 thoughts on “Galactic Center Spiritual reboot timeline

  1. Thank you very much, Tara! 🥺 I’ve not been sleeping last night but struggling with over 100 emails, but I did not manage to read them all. I have been very tired and sleeping 😴 these days I’ve been offline. So I shared your posts and shall check later today if there is more. 👍 I really want to avoid having worse flu, so I try to take it easy 😷 Many blessings to you 🌹 🌹 🌹 I have to go to shower and eat. Then sleep again. I try to come and check and reblog your posts every day though.


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