August 14 Today’s Astrology

Aug 14 Gemini moonlighters the mood. The trickster moon is very busy with many mental gymnastics.

GEMINI MOON is all about talking, communicating, lightening up, social butterflies, flirting, juggling all kinds of ideas.

the Moon is interacting a lot with all the planets today.

watch the video please. Please your feedback is much appreciated.

please share widely get a reading with me


2 thoughts on “August 14 Today’s Astrology

  1. Thank you so much for your reading. It is surely true, in my case. I saw some very confusing and incoherent dreams (not nightmares, but like many dreams at the same time) 🤔 My weekend is gonna be peaceful and quiet. Because the flu has gotten worse (just a little) And I slept the long night. Just woke up and showered and ate breakfast. 😂 It is almost four (16:00 p.m.) here. Have a blessed day ahead 🌹 🌹 🌹


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