Horoscopes August 31-September 6


You are being pushed by a loved one or by a woman in your family to show how you feel. Difficulty in communicating happens on the 4th. The Moon in Aries from the 4th to the 6th puts your feelings front and center. Get ready for Mars your ruling planets’ Retrograde now, it starts September 9th and will make you backtrack for the next 2 months. Prepare frustration strategies ahead of time to avoid imploding with anger.


Responsibilities, karmic issues, obstacles and your father, boss or significant man in your life may be pulling you in two directions at once on the 2nd. Things are dreamy and romantic on the 3rd. Relationships need to be smoothed out on the 4th, but a new spark may get lit. Venus your ruling planet enters LEO on the 6th, get ready to be bold, passionate and rock the world.


September 1st on a Full Moon your words can move mountains and influence those in power. You may have to fine-tune that message on the 3rd. Frustration that things are not moving fast enough becomes an issue on the 5th. Relationships and socializing become your major focus as Mercury your ruling planet enters LIBRA on the 5th. Be the host or hostess with the most grace now and mine those connections. 


The FULL MOON in PISCES draws out your moods and emotions September 1st/2nd in watery PISCES which will bring on all the feels. This is a Time to bring to completion issues from a year ago. Its also the Best time to do water rituals, sacred cleansing baths and to release guilt and other people’s energy and issues. Remember your need to receive for yourself too.


Monday may have you feeling battered by self-doubts from the Virgo Sun’s inconjunct to Chiron, the Wounded Healer in Aries. But you get to shine with your most unique taste on the 2nd as Sun trines Uranus in Taurus. Be true to your big heart and unique self. Feelings may get squelched by overly critical energy from the Virgo Sun. Positive self talk and acting the part “as if” wins the day.


You may wake up in a vulnerable state on Monday. But the power of powerful messages are all yours on the1st as Mercury Trines Pluto in Capricorn. On the 3rd you can impress the boss, and pass a test which you have been pursuing for awhile. There is frustration and impatience on the 4th. A flame is also kindled in a relationship on the same day. Mercury enters LIBRA on the 5th when relationships take center stage for you. Try to stay balanced.


The Full Moon on the 2nd brings serious commitments and communications as your ruling planet, Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. You may be the go-between in a family struggle. The 4th sparks romance, love and communications are easier too. Mercury enters Your sign-on the 5th, enhancing social connections. Venus your planet enters Fiery passionate Leo on the 6th. Things are looking hot for you Libra. 


A new romance could be ignited as Venus squares Mars on the 4th. There is an urgency for getting your nest egg ready and some comfort food for Mars Retrograde next week September 9/10 for two months. There are conflicting messages on the 4th as Mercury inconjuncts your go to planet Mars. Venus in Leo brings love sparks to early-born Scorpio’s this week. 


The communications planet Mercury, plus Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all activated this week but not Jupiter. The Full Moon on the 1st/2nd is in your solar 4th house you will want to retreat to a long ritual bath. This is the ending of a year-long Full Moon cycle so bring all unfinished business up to date. Venus in Leo brings a heart-opening, some passion and fun on the 6th.


If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it sings the planet  Venus, in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn on the 2nd. The Pisces Full Moon in your solar 3rd house emphasizes using your intuition and your rational side. The Messenger in Virgo and Saturn have a great head to head conversation. Emotional issues may come to a head on the 5th which require a delicate balance. 


The Full Pisces Moon on the 1st/2nd brings VIRGO SUN trine Uranus, your modern ruling planet in Taurus into focus. Your mind will be on fire with new inventions, organizations and freedom. Money flow issues may need revamping and attention. Venus entering Leo on the 6th adds romance in your 7th house of significant others. 


The Full Moon on the 1st/2nd is a peak time and endings of what you started a year ago. There may be a surprise message or inspiration and new sources of income through the internet. Venus in Cancer square Mars on the 4th may bring new passions into your life. Venus enters LEO on the 6th in your 6th house of work, and health. A good time to start exercises and diet for heart health not to mention doing the work that you love to do. 

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Rebellion,Aquarius oppositions and wounding

Sunday  the Aquarian moon sails on during the major oppositions from Venus in Cancer  to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. A see-saw or cats cradle kind of effect.

Aquarius Moon  squares Uranus in Taurus

reblion, protests, antagonism, freedom
the Moon and Uranus are in cahoots, and act like they don’t give two hoots. Even though all those oppositions aRe incredibly confabulating.

monday August 31

♍️ Virgo  Sun Quincunx Chiron in Aries  ♈️

This  earth and fire 150 degree angle is the difference between taking inventory and a fire sale.

Virgo  sun is all about infinite details, organizing, practicality, budgets, health, Hygiene, intellect, digestion.
Chiron in Aries is Healing through a fire walk, a shaman who uses kundalini energy, a hot headed wounded warrior in full defence mode. The wounded toxic masculine who needs healing but is avoiding getting his health checked out.You can see how these two elements are at odds with each other. Aquarius moon just makes us detach from it all.
we’re leading up to full moon  on September 1/2 at 10 degrees Pisces.  This is the last of the full moon cycle of signs  this year as the zodiac ends with Pisces.
We are only 3 weeks away from Autumn Equinox. Heading into the home stretch of 2020 already.

ill write more or do a video on full moon.
please stay tuned for my September astrology tarot guide August 31 on the FaceBook page of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency at 5:30 pm EDT, 8:30 PM PDT.
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August 30 Very rare Star of David Astrology OMG

Venus opposes Pluto @ 22+degrees Cancer/ Capricorn and Mercury opposes Neptune @ 19+ degrees Virgo/ Pisces

They both sextile each other.

Cancer sextiles Virgo, both are feminine receptive signs.

Capricorn sextiles Pisces, both are feminine receptive signs. They all oppose each other.

There are two other points in this event chart, which if you add 2 Fixed Stars, makes a super rare 6 pointed star formation or Merkaba. A vehicle for inter dimensional space travel. Check this out.

There is a star cluster M34 in Perseus Constellation at 23 Taurus called Capulus. The name means a handle of a sword. The one Perseus used to cut off Medusa’s Head with. Considered a Malefic star. The sun Conjuncts This star on May 14

Another star opposite to that at 23 Scorpio called Agena in Centaurus constellation which is the constellation the Wounded Healer Chiron was turned into. A very powerful constellation. A Venus Jupiter nature according to Ptolemy, is one of the best ratings there is. Tied to Venus it is extremely sensual. The Sun joins Agena on November 16.

A 6 pointed star is rare. My intuition told me two use the two missing planet points with stars to complete. It’s an earth/ water balance of emotions, flow and grounding, earthy receptive energy.

Just what the cosmic doctor ordered. We need the balance.

If you have planets conjunct these points you get to sit on the merkaba and travel anywhere in the universes. Try it out. Take it for a spin across the universe.

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Grounding with Grand Earth Trine today

Capricorn Moon energies today with a Grand Earth Trine

Friday is Venus’s day today

please watch video

lovely energy tomorrow  

and power spot on Sunday

I’m leading a retreat this weekend

will add short videos as I can

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Uplifting spirit Venus trine Neptune

This is my 3rd attempt to write this it disappeared twice,how Neptunian.

At 19+ Cancer ♋️ / Pisces ♓️ it’s an uplifting energy which enhances romantic spiritual soulful energy.

This wonderful magic carpet ride can take you anywhere.

Soul mates, compassion, Empathy, charity, the ocean, dreams, falling in love with love, wearing rose coloured glasses, projection, soul mates, addictions, denial, illusion, debt, Hollywood, drugs, viruses, the oil industry, institutions, mental illness, charity work, endings, rehab, unconscious, pre-birth, past life memories, and channeling are all part of this enhanced psychic energy.

Use this for family, your mother and self forgiveness and compassion .

Make sure you stay grounded and have strong psychic shields up.

The Chariot #7 and The Hanged Man #12 are the major Tarot cards exemplifying this energy.,

Make love, art, music. This Rules home movies literally / videos about food, children, magic secrets, Meditation, imagination, and imagination.

Enjoy and watch your day and night dreams and trust your intuition. And angels too.

Can be used to feel the most unconditional mothers milk of cosmic kindness love from the Greatrix mother .

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august 26 Astrology aspects

Upbeat Sagittarius Moon

Please watch the video. I am off to lead a women’s workshop over the next few days.  I will post short videos if i can.

sending you blessings


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Ultraviolet light spiral on Mars

“SPIRAL LIGHTS ON MARS: NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has discovered something unexpected on Mars–and researchers are struggling to explain it.
“There is a vast spiral of ultraviolet light over Mars’ South Pole,” says Nick Schneider of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. “We understand the origin of the light, but its shape is a mystery.”
Every planet esoterically is inhabited by various align higher Consciousness rays.
The ULTRAVIOLET RAY is a PSYCHIC 3rd eye open ray. which symbolically suggested that the Toxic Masculine is being uplifted in the light of ST. GERMAIN and the purple flame.
You can tune into this Martial energy the combo of red and purple creates a Maroon color which is the color Tibetan Buddhists monks wear and also the color of dried menstrual blood. The sacred Blood of life. Mars rules war I am feeling that this finding is very esoteric and I will be channelling more about this, stay tuned.

What a difference, fine energy today

After the heavy MARS-SATURN square August 24
the energy shifts completely today. What a difference a day makes!

For the next few days August 25-August 29 there are some major harmonious aspects.

August 25 as Moon shifts to Sagittarius our mood is upbeat optimistic, honest, adventurous, good-humoured. We need space, Social Distancing, works well under a Sagittarius Moon ruled by expansive JUPITER.

VENUS in CANCER opposite JUPITER in CAPRICORN @ 17+ degrees

August 25 one of the finest days of the year as love and feel good solid vibes balance each other out.

VENUS the planet who is the Goddess of love, beauty, harmony, women, and creativity opposite JUPITER the expansive feel good, upbeat planet brings goodness, and blessings to women, relationships and points out the need to nurture yourself especially in your home and with your tummy.

This is a very fertile bountiful energy for women trying to get pregnant on. or for any business expansion. Jupiter in Capricorn after all. The Moon is in Sagittarius too making this energy stronger as we move towards a Full Moon September 1/2 in PISCES also ruled by Jupiter.

This expansive Jupiter opposite Cancer energy today is great to book a future flight to an oceanic family vacation too. I just had a flight voucher extended for another year for free with Sunwing airlines. This Sagittarius hopes to get travelling soon again.

JUPITER can be Too much of a good thing. But since we’ve all tightened our belts too much of a good indulgence in food, family or emotions may be just what the doctor ordered.

Check out where 12-22 degrees CANCER CAPRICORN ARIES and LIBRA are in your natal chart to access a more personal meaning for you.

How will you use this energy?

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August 25 Tarot Reading Inspiration

Tarot card reading for August 25 from The Muse Tarot

Moon shifts into upbeat SAGITTARIUS.

The 7 of Swords in the Rider Waite deck is the equivalent of this unique card.

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Mars-Saturn, angry and hard times

Mars and Saturn Retrograde are squaring off August 24 ay 26+ degrees


these two malefics would make a great violent film pitch for a film based on astrology.

This is very hard energy from the 2 difficult planets in their own home signs where they are strongest.

Mars is energy action ignition ANGER and SATURN is hard restrictions limitations. 

IN THE NEWS An innocent black man was just shot in the back 7 times in Wisconsin he was unarmed, in his car in from of his kids. This is MARS SATURN in Action. BLM.

At 26 degrees ARIES/ CAPRICORN if you are an ARIES, CAPRICORN, CANCER or LIBRAwith planets at 20-30 degrees of the CARDINAL signs you get the full-throttle impact,

Also, SCORPIO’s too,  as MARS is your ruling Planet- ditto

As SATURN is RETROGRADE we are going back over BIG DADDY issues. Past life and karmic issues, hard issues, can be sexual abuse issues. 

Use the anger wisely to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and the Corporate Robber Barons

DO BE CAREFUL around fires BBQ’S, anything potentially flammable, cars, angry people, and defensiveness.

Saturn is also senior’s. The oldsters still have lots of energy and they can kick-ass. Anger against the Government and Patriarchy also police.

This is a war starting energy. POtential explosions, containment of the California Fires, restrictions on guns, angry mobs attacking institutions and impulsive actions which have long term consequences.

This is the first of three squares

Mars square Saturn Retro. -Aug. 24

Mars Retro square Saturn- with SATURN STATIONARY DIRECT Sept. 29

Mars square Saturn–Jan.13, 2021, Taurus & Aquarius

This is an entirely different thing with Mars in TAURUS and Saturn in AQUARIUS.This will be a powerful turning point. Mars is now dragging his feet. It’s also Yom Kippur the High holiest Day of the Jewish Year. Expect some major fiasco, fighting between Isreal and its enemies.

“When an irresistible force such as you

Meets an old immovable object like me

You can bet just as sure as you love

Something’s got to give 

Something’s got to give

Something’s got to give.”- Something’s Gotta Give by Johnny Mercer

A fight against progress and change. Technological restrictions. I’ll write about that later.

These alignments promise lots of conflicts, wars startings, fire, unconscious triggers, shootings, terrorism, knifings, shootings, looting, sex secrets coming out via Gislaine Maxwell and many other places.

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SONG OF THE DAY BANG BANG by CHER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajA0sNkQJ_0

Mars square Saturn–Jan.13, 2021, Taurus & Aquarius