Scorpio Moon stingers and zingers

July 27 reverbs into July 28 Venus in GEMINI square NEPTUNE in PISCES the lower and higher levels of love are vibrating. How are you feeling this????
Heavy tales July 27/28 Scorpio Moon inconjuncts CHIRON in Aries
-wounded stung, ghosted and then more.
Moon opposes URANUS in TAURUS – WTF just happened?
July 28 Scorpio MOON inconjuncts MARS in ARIES and Venus in GEMINI-jilted, stood up, disappeared with no ref. lower and higher levels of love are vibrating..
Venus squares Neptune, Jupiter sextiles, Neptune,
Venus inconjunct Jupiter the energies linger…
this is a Trifecta of optimism, with psychic overwhelm and dazed and confused options as the benefits mixed with the up in smoke dreamy Neptune.
Don’t try to make any decisions as your finger on reality is not grounded.
It’s great for magical work, lovemaking envisioning and opening to new possibilities. 
Jupiter is the planet of faith and our faith is being tested. 
Venus leaves her last Retrograde’s shadow heading towards her maximum elongation and a date with destiny and the North Node.-Thank you to Cosmic Intelligence Agency for the inspiration.
MERCURY in Cancer squares Mars in ARIES 
tender feelings are opposed to impatient and selfishness.
SCORPIO energies continue to be intense unrelenting, obsessive, jealous, plotting, revengeful and controlling. People tend to have fights under Scorpio Moons.
Moon inconjuncts MARS in ARIES and later VENUS in GEMINI
There is a lovely GRAND WATER TRINE from the SCORPIO Moon to Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in PISCES float on gently down the stream. The emotions will overflow and psychically overloaded.
Get some long term planning done amidst this intense blaring from every planet trying to get your attention.
use this intense energy to focus deeply on your souls’ greatest growth and expansion. Jupiter Neptune is all about that.  take notes, meditate keep asking your higher self for insights.
All of the energy from here on until January 2021 is in reactionary phase very literally as Mars is the planet of Action, When retrograde it is Reactionary. 
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3 thoughts on “Scorpio Moon stingers and zingers

  1. Thank you so much for your long reading, Tara ✨ ✨ ✨ I have to listen to it again. 🎧 So much information 👍 🌹 🌹 🌹 They tried to offer me this new layout again, but I think I managed to save the situation. There is a possibility to do it in the ‘old way’ And I think it looks much better! I can rePress this again later today. I just woke today at 03:00 again, and after eating, I shall take a nap.😴 (At dentist today routine -check; healthy teeth 😁) Bright blessings, have a magickal day 🪐 🪐 🪐 ❤️


  2. Fabulous Video Report Here Tara! So Very Grateful Indeed! Sharing Deep & Wide. Sending You 🙏🌟💜🕯🌎🇨🇦🇺🇸🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️💚😇☮️🦋🦁👁🌸🪐🌞


  3. Sorry. my ‘nap’ stretched a little long. 😂 And I am having feeling I am from another planet 👽 That happens always when I woke up so early. But I promised to come and share it another time 👍 ✨ ✨ ✨


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