Trigger word strategies astrology

Mercury in Cancer squares angry trigger Mars in Aries on July 27 at 16+ degrees. Mercury in Cancer is a nurturing encouraging words of a mother in sharp hard aspect to shoot em up spontaneous combustion Mars in his home sign. Trigger warnings are necessary as Mars the War god always comes out punching. Expect aggressive arguments and battles of words. . Any Intimidation of the feminine or of the Inner child by an overpowering macho force produced clashes and a battle of the sexes. We’ve just seen AOC Stand up to very insulting macho masculine put downs very eloquently and using her family of origin Mercury in Cancer as her back up.

Mercury in Cancer, can be a very fierce defensive Mars driven protective mother bear when she feels her children are at risk. She will rip anyone to shreds to protect the innocent cubs.

This square is also enhanced into a Grand Cardinal Cross with Juno at 13 Libra and Athena the Warrior Goddess at 17 Rx Capricorn.

Athena can out strategize Mars any day and Juno’s multitasking feminine genius can easily subdue and outwit any war of words, or verbal abuse by any threatening, posturing testosterone driven man or Karen to their knees.

There is always a positive to any hard aspects. Mars passion and drive can be put into good use for a writing project or to speak out to defend children’s rights, sex trafficking or any issue which you feel leaves women, children the homeless, Black Lives Matter, or any disadvantaged group which is pulling on your heart strings.

Juno in Libra opposite Mars in Aries can be used to find a balanced way to relate feminine multi tasking genius with a single minded drive can be a powerful tool to have.

Athena in Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer is a nurturing strategy to balance family versus career. Something which has become more prevalent in the last while with Covid-19 working from home with kids lifestyles.

You can be ready to fight verbal battles and go for a win win situation under these energies.

If you have planets at 12- 20 cardinal signs you will feel this transit much stronger up close and personal. Diplomacy in all matters goes a long way.

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Libra Mood time the power of music

July 25 MOON IN LIBRA A recent article in Science News on the power of music touches our emotions. Libra moon is very socializing energy. You may meet new contacts this weekend. As Moon stays in LIBRA until late July 26th evening in PDT. 

LIBRA Moon sextiles the LEO SUN- a nice positive mood,

Libra Moon opposes Chiron in ARIES-

balancing defences and being the go-between of opposing sides.

Libra Moon inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS

socially the need to break away or buck the popular trend will show up.

Libra Moon squares Mercury in Cancer

this is nice for socializing with family, talking to your mother, grandmother or other relatives.

Libra Moon opposes MARS in ARIES

Needing to be in relationships or needing to be alone. That is the dichotomy.

Libra is ruled by VENUS which is the planet fo Creativity. The Music of the Spheres.

I came across this article 

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