RIP those who have transitioned

Our beloved Jasper, a sable German Shepard passed on today. He’d been sick for the past few months. I’d been enticing him to eat and spoon feeding him since March. We had to put him down.

A Taurus dog born May 7 2012, Jasper was very mellow but never interested in eating which was very unusual for a dog. He has beautiful markings which changed all the time, a huge neck and chest, a deep baritone howl, short legs and he always seemed part wolf to me. In the last year he looked more like a bear. I’m glad he’s not suffering any more. We were all crying today. My husband and daughter were intensely involved in helping him the last day. I cut my workshop weekend short to come home. The house seems empty without him. A big dog, Jasper was 125 pounds in his prime. My husband was his Alpha male. I felt that handier took on a lot of karma at the end. Blessings to you sweet boy. Jasper chose our daughter when he was 6 weeks old. He weighed 5 pounds when we brought him home. There’s a Buddhist prayer for animals to rise into higher incarcerations. Oh Ratna Kuta Swoha

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4 thoughts on “RIP those who have transitioned

  1. Thank you for the video of Jasper, Tara, walking and drinking. My German Shepherd part wolf and I, Lyra is also 125 pounds express our deepest condolences. May your memories be blessings.


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