Mercury Direct, sun trine Neptune

Mercury is turning stationary Direct today at 5+degrees Cancer releases and emotional torrent.

As of July 12 All communications can go ahead now. Mercury been retrograde since June 17th when it turned Retrograde at 14 degrees 45 minutes of Cancer conjunct Sirius and the US Sun. This was also the degree of the July 4/5 eclipse. So even though communications and thinking will move forwards the eclipse window adds another unconscious spin to communicating with family, in Cancer which will overshadow things for 6 months.

Sun trines Neptune at 20+ degrees

This amps up the releasing of the dam of emotions. This psychic spiritual trine can be a very positive, beautiful, ideal, enlightening energy. It’s great for meditating, creativity especially music, art, film.

The powers of visualization are enhanced. This is perfect for working with benevolent spiritual great mother and grandmothers energies to heal the inner child.

Moon is in Aries, we’re impatient

Moon square Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn and Pluto too. This is intense energy. Be prepared to have core issues activated. Gut wrenching.

I’ve been teaching at my workshop and internet is intermittent. My dog is dying and will have to be put form Sunday or Monday. I’m sorry if I won’t be writing much. It’s very emotional. Poor boy it’s been taking up a lot of my energy psychically to help him for the past few months. He’s taken a sudden turn for the worse. We all hate to see him suffer.

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2 thoughts on “Mercury Direct, sun trine Neptune

  1. Oh, I just read your article. I am very sorry about your dog It can feel very devastating.
    I have had to put three of my previous cats to ‘forever sleep.’ 😢 😢
    R.I.P. 🐶 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    I am very sorry for you. That is a thing one ever get used to.


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