Weekly Horoscope July 6-12

The MOON is the MOOD of the people. The Moon’s Day starts with Moon in Capricorn in PDT/EDT and GMT

MOON enters AQUARIUS to lighten the mood and give us some emotional space and makes relatively easy aspects today on the 6th and 7th. GEMINI and LIBRA are in their AIRY element.

July 8 MERCURY STILL RETROGRADE in CANCER squares MARS in ARIES @ 6 degrees +

ARIES CANCER LIBRA and CAPRICORN you will be feeling impatient with family and having to redo communications. 

JULY 8      VENUS is at her brightest in the sky in the early hours before the Sunrises. I will be up at the beautiful Grail Springs Wellness retreat giving workshops and will make sure I wake up in the wee hours to do a ceremony to Venus in GEMINI.

While Mercury is Retrograde in ANY sign, it governs any planets transiting or in GEMINI and VIRGO. That means Venus in GEMINI right now is having love, money and relationship texting, notification and communications held back. 

July 8 MOON enters PISCES @ 11:13 am PDT/ 2:13 pm EDT/7:13 pm GMT.

This is the most spiritual DREAM DREAM DREAMY time of the month. The best time for lucid dreaming is under a PISCES MOON. Learn to trust your intuition meditate, envision and work with your spirit guides. It’s a creative, romantic, escapist. You’re an emotional empathic awash in all the feels. The tendency is to want to hide out and have no boundaries. Be by the water, rest, stay hydrated and let the creative spirit move you. Beware of escapism, projections, martyrdom and debt.

JULY 9 Venus in GEMINI sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

 This aspect allows for easy conversation about our defences and walls and can help build bridges. 

JULY 10/11 MOON enters ARIES a new lunar month begins 

July 10 @ 10:06 pm PDT/ July 11 @ 1:06 am EDT/ 6:06 am GMT

July 11 CHIRON turns RETROGRADE at 9+ ARIES until December 15/16

Time to turn back time to do lay down our arms and do a rewind of our wound and a healing review. Redress the old hurts, resentments, anger, reactions and reveal the vulnerability at the core. That is where the healing is. By working through our wounds for the next 5 months we become healed and more whole. 

Chiron affects all signs but especially those born with planets/rising at 5-13 CANCER, LIBRA CAPRICORN and ARIES of course will feel the pressure by square.

JULY 12 MERCURY turns DIRECT in CANCER at 5+ CANCER @ 1:26 am PDT/4:26 am EDT/ 9:26 am GMT.

Ok communicating, buying, marketing, all kinds of computer snafus will start moving forwards linearly again. GEMINI and VIRGO will feel the gas to the pedal energy stronger because MERC is their ruling planet. . It takes a few days for things to start feeling different


a swimmingly beautiful idyllic dream. A most romantic soulmate picture. Light and love. Extremely creative for all signs. If you have planets at 15-25 GEMINI, VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS you will reap some nice dreams, possibly connect with a future vision of your soul mate or other spirit guides and angels. A great night for lucid dreaming. 

Please share widely all content is copyright of TARA GREENE

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1 thought on “Weekly Horoscope July 6-12

  1. Thank you very much, Tara 🌷 Are you gonna work or have a holiday? 🏖️ That time July 8-15th.
    I shall miss your readings and writings. But I try to learn something meanwhile. Have a beautiful day ahead! 🔮 Sorry, I am a bit tired. Couldn’t sleep last night – again 😔 I mean sorry to be this late. 🌻 🌹 🌹 🌹


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