Void of Course pre-eclipse day

July 3 it’s a relatively very quiet day astrologically perfect for a VOID OF COURSE MOON day almost all day in EDT and GMT and PDT too but less so.

It’s a good daydream Day before a big Capricorn Lunar eclipse.

Tune in to that energy https://youtu.be/oZW6c7Zy308

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1 thought on “Void of Course pre-eclipse day

  1. Hello Tara, I am sorry to be absent for a few days again 😔 My computer has been tricked me again, and I have some days a lot to do with the updates. (The PC and the laptop) 💻 I thought I can start coming here every day, but it seems that it does not succeed 🤔 One night I woke at 03:00 and I had a huge need to read Tarot -cards. (And interpret my strange dream 💭 It did not mean anything bad, vice versa. But I have to admit that when I lost that my great PC-support man, he was always so awesome help for me, now I cannot ask from anybody. I simply don’t have anybody (among my relatives) who could help me. I try to come always as I have time. But today it’s already 22:40 p.m. And I have to spend time with my lovely cat also 😺 ❤️ Otherwise he feels abandoned. I miss more social life, but I have to manage with my computer all by myself now. Have a lovely and beautiful weekend 🤗 I have almost 40 posts waiting for me to read 🌺 🌻 🌸 Bright Blessings!


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