Watch Aquariid meteor shower and last Supermoon of 2020

Tonight May 6 is the last day to watch for the Eta Aquariid Meteor showers tonight but will be challenging as we are one day away from a Full Moon

and this is the last Super Moon on 2020 The next supermoon won’t appear until April 2021, according to

I’ll write about the Super Flower Scorpio Full Moon later tonight

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Yesterday and today

I seem to have lost a day here on Cinco de Mayo so here is yesterday’s  blog and today May 6th

I was busy on a radio show and then catching up with old friends from the Dream Star Lodge, a group of women who I did much spiritual work with in the ’90s with our shamanic teacher Oriah Mountain Dreamer who wrote the Invitation. I’ve been feeling very tired and rather unmotivated picking up on the world’s ennui. Our dog wouldn’t eat today and I spend about an hour a day coaxing him to eat. He is better but not still 100%. My allergies have been awful for the last few days as the trees bud and my eyes are tearing up so bad I can’t spend that much time on the computer so I am running behind.

The Tarot deck is the MUSE TAROT by Chris-Anne 

Blessings to you

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