Baby Archie 1st Birthday Astrology

Happy Solar Return 1st Birthday to #ArchieHarrison who actually turns one year old on May 5th at 3:15 am in L.A. PDT. Yes, his calendar birthday is May 6th but the Solar Return is the actual #birthday when the Sun returns to the exact degree it was when you took your first breath. This little boy has already lived in 3 countries and visited South Africa in his first year.

To read all about Archie’s Natal Chart which I have updated it as it was initially written the day he was born.

There may be more moves for him in 2021 as Uranus crosses his Rising in 2021 and the North node conjuncts his Mars in Gemini and opposes his Jupiter in Sagittarius in that year. 

His Natal chart indicates that the Historic leave-taking Prince Harry announced in January 2020 from his Royal family was clearly marked by the January 10 Lunar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer opposite to Archies Saturn and Pluto and squaring his Natal Venus in Aries indicating a sudden rach change in values on both his Saturn/Pluto in his 10th house of worldly fame. 

Archie’s natal chart indicates a very smart female sibling with JUNO in his 3rd house of siblings. His mother Meghan Markle is going through powerful transits from Jupiter Pluto and Saturn right now and throughout 2020. Meghan could easily get pregnant now as Saturn crosses her South Node or on or around December 21, 2020, which is more favourable when Jupiter planet of fertility and Saturn planet of karma and maturity conjoin at 0 Aquarius in her 7th house of marriage. That way Archie and a future sibling would be 27 months apart. very close in age. Meghan and Harry need some time to resettle themselves. 

The only TOTAL Solar Eclipse in 2020 occurs December 14 exactly on Master Archie’s Jupiter in Sagittarius indicating another move or travelling or to spend Christmas with his royal grandparents and extended family and his own family could be expanded at this time too.

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Astrology, cars and drivers

Astrology and your driving style are directly linked. 

A British car insurance company hired famed astrologer Debbie Frank to review the behaviours of more than 2,000 drivers to determine which star signs are associated with bad and good driving.

Stirling Moss pictured above was a British Formula One racing driver. What sign do you think he was?  He passed away recently on  April 12, 2020? dont peak answer is below

The findings highlight the best and worst drivers of the zodiac, as well as those most and least likely to buy a green vehicle, keep their motor clean and be rude to fellow road users.

I can see an ARIES LEO or Sagittarius as being the fastest drivers. 

You’d be surprised to see which sign is the worst driver.

Stirling Moss was a VIRGO born September 17, 1929 –

“Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss, OBE was a British Formula One racing driver. An inductee into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, he won 212 of the 529 races he entered across several categories of competition and has been described as “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship” – Wikipedia 

What planet rules cars?

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