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The Muse of I Am/ 22 The Fool The Muse Tarot

The Muse of I Am/ 22 The Fool The Muse Tarot

Venus in GEMINI square Neptune in PISCES is the most spiritually romantic and challenging aspect. Square aspects make sparks fly. Neptune is fantasy, imagination and very psychic energies. 

NEPTUNE is Venus’s higher octave, a spiritual soul mate, love that never dies, unconditional idealistic love. Neptune rules Pisces

Many have been experiencing death through Covid-19 loss of relatives and colleagues and just feeling the heavy effects of all of this. This aspect reminds us of that.

There is no death only return to the spirit and return again.

Anyone you love who dies is never disconnected to you.

Venus is Love, in GEMINI this is the idea or communicating with social media about love but also being afraid to commit. As she squares Neptune, making the SouL MATE, fantasy of Neptune – REAL in the Mind of GEMINI. GEMINI is the Tarot card of the LOVERS #6. Gemini can hold complementary opposite in balance.  There is the danger of projection, idealization and martyrdom. 


If you ‘ve heard of spirit sex maybe this is when you may tune in but be very careful. There are many negative entities out there disguised as the light. 

VENUS is a personal planet, she rules Women,  beauty, charm and all arts,  She is the governess of relationships, money, luxury, all arts and Neptune rules the arts to, all artists channel through Neptune.

Neptune rules many other things illusions, debts, addictions of all kinds, to love and escapism, compassion, charity, denial, mental illness, seclusion and secret enemies. 

Venus in GEMINI square NEPTUNE is ” in love and debt do us part.”

VENUS is also OUT OF BOUNDS from April 1 until June 1st adding to the wild and crazy relationship energy. 

VENUS is moving very slowly as she will TURN RETROGRADE  May 12/13th until June 24/25. I will write about that separately. 

Use this lovely aspect to give your self-loving self-talk,

to really dream deeply, to envision your heart’s greatest spiritual desire, 

and to be compassionate and to give of yourself more. No matter how hard times are we must have FAITH and that is ultimately what NEPTUNE in PISCES brings.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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  2. Thank you very much, Tara always that you share us part of your wisdom 🌷 🌷 🌷 I just love to listen (or read) your daily Tarot and Astrology guide. Have a blessed Sunday 🔮 (Sorry, sometimes I wish to find better emojis) 😉


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