Quick-thinking Mercury in Aries

April 10/11

Mercury God and Planet in Astrology Tara Greene

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo [Public domain or Public domain]

It’s Easter weekend and Mercury the Fleet-footed messenger and TRICKSTER is FINALLy leaving PISCES where its being languishing since February 3  because of its retrograde motion. It feels like such a fog since we’ve been under COVID-19 quarantine hasn’t it? And such a Mercury in Pisces energy, in the 12th house, locked down, its very literal. Neptune rules Viruses. 

It’s an archetypal new beginning in thinking, communicating, analyzing debating, yelling and writing. Those with ADD or ADHD will be affected. 

It’s time to RAM  on and enter fast-talking thinking impatient words time. It will be harder to contain people when Mercury is in Aries.
Angry words will be exchanged. Mercury in Aries is the defended adversarial competitive mind. A motor mouth and a whirlwind of a mental whiz, who always speaks first, beating everyone to the punch, guess who wins?  Sounds like a Donald we know. Yes, and the fighting sides get deeper.
ARIES is the sign of the Jewish religion which emerged at the beginning of the AGE of ARIES around 4,300 years ago. They dedicated the Ram’s horn or shofar, to their Monolithic God Yahweh as their prime symbol. Till this day on Yom Kippur the Holiest Day in the Jewish lunar year, a ram’s horn is blown in the synagogue to signify a call to G-d and the end of the Holy day.  All of the 12 tribes of Israel are the 12 constellations. Same as the 12 Apostles are also the 12 constellations. It’s always all about the cosmos and astrology.
Mercury in Aries is a lot of mental enthusiasm, a fire in the mind. This placement makes our minds and thoughts restless and we get easily bored.
This is a time for new beginnings, ideas, regimens. anger releases. Watching new things writing in a new way and finding new ideas and inspirations. Find new mind games to play
Concentration levels may be poor.
Mercury in Aries will make you feel bored quicker.
You need to find things to burn off your excessive mental energy.
AVOID eating white sugar, 
reduce the amout fo coffee you drink
Practice learning another language
Shout a lot. Do crossword puzzles
TRY doing walking meditations. 
Martial arts that bring body mind together to focus is recommended. Watch old BRUCE Lee movies You can do this when alone or just punch some walls.
Arguments are a popular sport. You think people are riled up now. Just wait. 
It will be over before you know it as Mercury enters TAURUS on the 27/28
If you have Mercury in ARIES your mind will be super speedy. You may need to take chill pills to relax or you will be pacing like a caged tiger.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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