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Mercury at 28 Pisces is square to the Galactic Center at 26/27 Sagittarius now.

User:Alain r [CC BY-SA 2.5 (

Tune into the powerful rays which resonate from and which pull in light and other frequencies into itself. The event horizon or singularity is a point of no return. It allows us an optimum point of View.

Just direct your consciousness and intention to the event horizon before all light is at the point of no return. A marvellous galactic viewpoint is waiting there for you or for any consciousness willing and able to walk that razor-sharp rim.

As it Easter this weekend a symbolic death and resurrection show. It’s a perfect time coinciding with COVID-19 to visit the vast vista. there is incredible compacting power here. Use these next couple of days wisely to get a larger perspective on being cooped up in the Pisces 12th sign/ house. Pisces is the house of hidden enemies.

Even when Mercury enters Aries this weekend it is still close enough to tune into the GC.

A black hole is a Cosmic compacter Of ginormous proportions. dump all your Pisces guilt, regret, and martyrdom here now. This is a time if consciousness endings. Mercury has been in Pisces since February 3rd.

As Mercury enters Aries April 10/1 we will gain a new perspective on the world situation.

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