Daily Tarot Card and Astrology

Daily astrology and tarot aspects from the Lovely Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne March 16

2 of Emotions, The Muse Tarot, 2 of cups

2 of Emotions, The Muse Tarot, 2 of cups

The 2 of emotions or 2 of cups traditionally

The two of Cups represents Venus, planet of love, beauty relationships, the arts, money and women, of course, in Cancer the cardinal water sign of the Mother ruled by the Moon. The Moon is always the womb, mother’s milk, nourishment, safety, moods, change, home,intuition, imagination. The Venus Moon connection is very relative to being at home and needing to feel emotionally safe and nourishment too. Making this card a super feminine dreamy imaginative, emotional, sensitive one. In The Thoth Tarot is called Love.

This card is also linked by extension to Jupiter the Great Benefic, planet of luck and expansion which is exalted in Cancer.  

Take this card as a good omen to stay balanced, to allow your feelings, intuition Mercury in Pisces as well and goodwill to flow. Love yourself unconditionally so that you may love others equally.

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